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*Kali's POV*

"Hey Jasmine, can Hayes and I sleepover tonight?" "Actually I was going to have a sleepover with just Taylor. I'm sorry!" She looked sad for saying no to me. "Nah its fine, ummm Hayes wanna sleepover at my house?" "Oohh sure! Can Nash and Cameron come?" "Sure!" "Yay party at Kali's tonight!" "Sure, if you wanna call it that." I looked at Jasmine and she was getting in her car. I ran up to her to tell her something. "Hey, no naughty business tonight." "Omg Kali go away! Thats not going to happen!" "Whats not going to happen?" Taylor asked as he got into Jasmine's car. "NOTHING!" "Okay?" "Ignore her Taylor." "Bye Jasmine! Bye Taylor! Have fun at your sleepover but not to much fun if you know what I mean!" "GOD KALI GET AWAY!" Hahahaha god I'm so funny. I turned around and Cameron was standing there. He looked sad and mad at the same time. "Hey Cam, whats wrong with you?" "Uhh what, oohh nothing. Lets go." I got into Cameron's car and we drove off. Hayes was in the backseat with me. Nash starting laughing so hard. "Whats so funny?" "Oohh just Jasmine." He said looking at his phone. I looked at Cameron who looked a lot more mad. God what was his problem. "How did you get Jasmine's number?" Cameron asked. "Oohh she gave it to me, why?" "Oohh I was just wondering." "No, man. Theres something up, whats the matter?" Ohh snap. Shits about to go down. "I really like Jasmine and I want to be with her but Taylor obviously likes her and they spend all this time together and I wish I could spend time with her too but freaking Taylor always gets her away!" Wow! Jasmine doesn't even know that Cameron likes her too! I have to tell her!

~Text Conv~

Me: Hey, Cameron just said that he liked you a lot."

Jasmine: What? Are you serious?

Me: Not joking.

Jasmine: Oohh god..

Me: What?! Whats wrong?

Jasmine: I forgot to tell you but Taylor likes me too, he told me at Wal-mart.


Jasmine: Now this is where I'm stuck between the two hottest guys from Magcon that both like me! This was my dream! But not to pick which one to have!

Me: Well your going to have to pick between Taylor and Cameron now.

Jasmine: Yeah I know. This is going to be one hard decision.

Me: Well text me whenever or tell me in person when you know who to pick.

Jasmine: Okay

~End of Text Conv~

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