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*Kelley's POV*
I almost fainted. It was actually him. "Um.. hey, I'm Carter and you are?" "Oh, I'm Kelley!" "Well its nice to meet you Kelley!" "You too!" I saw Jasmine gaving me a look and I started laughing. "So whats the plan for tonight?" Carter asked. "Well we can go pennyboarding?" Jasmine said. "Late night pennyboarding is the best." Taylor added in. "Then lets go!" I said. We all grabbed our boards and headed out. It was so nice out and the stars were out and it was just overall great. I looked at Carter and he looked nice. Jasmine and Taylor were racing and it was so cute actually. They make a cute couple for sure. "I guess its just us now." Carter said from behind. "Uh, yeah I guess so." "So where are you from?" "Alabama." "Oh nice!" "Yeah I guess." I didn't know what to say! Hes just so.. ugh. "So Kelley, I was wondering, maybe we can go see a movie or something tomorrow?" "Yeah that would be great actually." "Okay good!" HOLY SHIT. I mean its just the movies BUT STILL. I was so excited for tomorrow now. I needed to tell Jasmine! "I'll race you!" "Okay!" I caught up with Taylor and Jasmine and told Jasmine what was happening. "Omg! Thats great news for you! I knew he would be into you!" "Thank you so much for bringing him here!" "You are welcome!" I gave her a big hug. "Okay now, let go of my lady." Taylor said from behind her. "Sorry, shes mine." I said laughing. "Psh." Taylor said putting his arm around Jasmine. We all started laughing and started heading back to Jasmine and Taylor's house. "I still can't believe this house!" "I know! Isn't it just great?" "Its wonderful!" "Why thank you!" Taylor said interrupting us. We all laughed and then entered the house. "Who wants to have a pillow fight?" Carter asked. "Definitely me." I said. "Alright, boys against girls." Jasmine said. "But don't worry, we'll take it easy on you guys." I added in. Jasmine started laughing really hard. "Ha ha very funny." Taylor said. "Let the games begin!"
*Jasmine's POV*
We were having a pillow fight and Kelley and I were definitely going to win. I looked at Taylor and he gave me a smirk. The sexy one. "Oh babe, thats not going to help you this time." He started laughing and I hit him in the stomach with my pillow and then Kelley went after Carter and it got really intense. We all got tired of playing and no one won. "Who wants to watch a movie?" Taylor asked. "Probably all of us." I said. "Okay, Kelley and Carter can pick out the movie while Jasmine and I get some snacks and drinks." It was around 9 and I was getting tired. I opened the cabinet and tried to reach for the cheetos but it was to high up and me being short didn't help. "Babe, I got it." He grabbed the cheetos and then put them down and hugged me from behind. He kissed my cheek and told me he loved me. "I love you too." He grabbed the sodas and I grabbed the chips. "So we picked out Annabelle." "Oh okay!" We got settled and I was laying on Taylor on one couch while Kelley and Carter were sitting close together on another couch. Like 15 minutes into the movie I was passing out. I ended falling asleep on Taylor. He didn't realize until I woke up and got up to use the bathroom. As I got up I saw that Kelley and Carter were sleeping too and Taylor looked tired. "I'm going to go to the bathroom, wanna wake them up? They will be more comfortable in the guest room." "Sure." I went to the bathroom and took my make up off and brushed my teeth. When I walked out, no one was in the living room. I walked upstairs and walked into our room. Taylor was passed out on the bed. He looked so cute! I changed into pajamas and got into bed. "Babeee." It was his half way sleepy voice which by all means was sexy. He grabbed me and pulled me closer and put his arm around me. I turned around and laid on his chest. It was so comfortable. Within 10 minutes I was out like a light.

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