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One word. Magcon. That's where I wanted to go! I really want to meet all the boys because they have changed my life. Especially Taylor Caniff and Cameron Dallas. They are both so caring and nice. I love them so much. I was thinking about them when there was a knock at my front door. I went to open the door and I saw my friend Kali standing there jumping up and down and shaking. "Hey, whats wrong and what are you doing here?" "MAGCON" "What about Magcon?!" "THEY ARE COMING HERE IN A WEEK!" "REALLY?!!" "YES LOOK!" I grabbed her phone and I saw one of Bart's tweets. It read: 'Hey Magcon fans! We will be in Wisconsin Dells in one week for the Magcon event! Hope to see you there! I will post when tickets go on sale so be ready. The boys are excited!' "HOLY SHIT KALI!" "I KNOW! AND GUESS WHAT!" "What?!" "My mom said she will pay for the tickets, we just have to pay for the hotel!" "OMG KALI! YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS!" "WERE GOING TO MAGCON!" We both screamed. I finally get to meet the boys and tell them how much I love them! Im so excited! "Kali, we have exactly one week to pack for magcon! Come help me pick outfits and then we'll go to your house and pick out your outfits!" "Sounds good to me!" We ran up the stairs to my room and started looking for cute outfits. "Oohh this one Jasmine!" It was my taylor caniff shirt with white shorts and cute sandals. "Alright! Let me get my suitcase" I grabbed my suitcase from my closet and she put the outfit in. I packed all my nice shorts. My tie-dyed ones, light blue ones, green ones, my splatted paint ones, and dark and light pink ones. I pack all of my merchanise of the boys that i have. I grabbed 2 different pairs of sunglasses and all my vans and beanies. Kali grabbed 3 pairs of flipflops and 6 different colors of tank tops. I grabbed my curler and straighter, some hair ties, bobbie pins and head bands. I packed 4 of my bandanas that I recently brought. I grabbed the make-up I needed and one of my toothbrushes. I think I was ready for sure. "Alright time for my house" "Okay lets go!"

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