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*Taylor's POV*
I woke up super early so I could make everyone breakfast. Jasmine was still sleeping. She was curled up in a ball. How cute! I got dressed and walked downstairs. I got to the kitchen and Carter was sitting on the couch. "Oh hey!" "Hey. I couldn't sleep." "Oh well I'm going to make breakfast for everyone." "Okay. I'm going to go out and get Kelley something. Shes really sweet!" "You two should totally date." "Maybe. I gotta get to know her better but she seems like a girl I would be interested in." "Yeah. I agree." "Well I'm going to go, I'll be back." "Alright man. Later." As Carter left, Kelley walked into the kitchen. "Jasmines not up?" "No, she likes to sleep a lot." "Hahaha! Who knew." "I'm making breakfast if you're hungry." "Thank god because I'm starving!" "Me too!" It was Jasmine. "You're awake!" Kelley said. "Yeah I smelt the bacon and came down fast." She sat down next to Kelley. "Wait.. I don't get a good morning kiss?" "No." I turned around and gave her a smirk. "Then no bacon for you." She got off her chair and ran and hugged me tight. She looked up and gave me a kiss on the lips. "Now give me bacon!" "Okay okay." "Hey, wheres Carter?" Kelley asked. "Oh he went and got some things. He'll be back later." "Are you almost done making the food?!" "Oh yes!" I backed away and Jasmine and Kelley went and fulled their plates up. "Hey now! Save some for me!" "Oh yeah thats right. Oops. Sorry babe." "Its fine." Jasmine and Kelley put some food back and we all sat at the table enjoying our breakfast. It was already a good day so far.
*Jasmine's POV*
I finished my food and decided to take a shower. I walked upstairs and found clothes to wear. Tie dye belly shirt and lime green shorts with pink vans. I took a quick shower and put my clothes on. I dried my hair and then curled it. Just then Carter messaged me.
Carter: Hey! I need help!
Me: Yeah sure, what is it?"
Carter: I wanna get Kelley something but have no idea what.
Me: I can meet you somewhere to help, where are you?
Carter: I'm at the mall right now. We can meet by zumiez.
Me: okay sounds good. I'll be there soon!
Carter: thanks so much!
I walked downstairs and told everyone I had to help Carter. "Is he okay?!" Kelley asked right away. "Oh yes! Its just a surprise!" Kelley looked at me and we both smiled. "I'll be back" I said to Taylor and gave him a hug and kiss.

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