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*Taylor's POV*

I missed kissing Jasmine. I knew she liked it everytime but I wanted to do this everyday. I pulled away and she smiled. I was sure she was going to run away like she always does and then I would have to chase her but she didn't. "Taylor, can we do something?" "As in what?" "Like cuddle and tell jokes and be happy together." "That sounds lovely." "Good, because I was going to make you do it anyways." "What if I said no?" "What if I said no to you and yes to Cameron?" "Alright! Time to cuddle!" "Thats what I thought Mr.Caniff." "Wow, Ms. Wyland is sassy today. I likey likey." "Taylor, you sound childish." "Your mean!" "Can we go cuddle now?" "Yes lets go." "I'll race you!" She started to jog a little but I caught her and picked her up. "No need for that, I'll just carry you." "Awww thanks." "Your welcome." Jasmine took her phone out and checked the time I'm guessing. The time was 7:10p.m. She looked really depressed. "Hey whats wrong?" "Cameron was going to take me to the Hotel Mead and we had dinner reservations at 7 but I don't think hes taking me." I felt bad for her because she really likes Cameron and I couldn't imagine Cameron just walking off because she said I was sweet. Thats just a stupid reason. I really wanted to cuddle with Jasmine tonight and tell jokes but I needed to do the right thing. I called Cameron. He probably doesn't like me at the moment but we need to talk. "Hey, I need to make an important phone call, I'll be right back." "Umm okay thats fine." I walked downstairs and called Cameron. To my suprised he answered because he didn't answer to Nash when he tried calling.

~Phone Conv~

Cameron: Hello?

Taylor: Bro, where are you?

Cameron: At the Hotel Mead. Why do you care?

Taylor: Because I'm trying to help Jasmine get better.

Cameron: Why?! Whats wrong?

Taylor: You don't remember walking off on her at the beach? She said you looked mad and jealous.

Cameron: Ohh god no. I walked off because my phone ringed and it was from the hotel saying the dinner reservation for Jasmine and I had to be delayed to 8p.m.

Taylor: Omg dude! She was crying hard and everything. She thought you went missing and Nash went to the beach and Nash and Jasmine tried looking for you but you weren't there. Nash was also worried and hes currently looking for you around town right now.

Cameron: Oohh gosh, I'm so dumb! I should of just said it was a phone call from the hotel saying our dinner was delayed a hour later. Dude, I'm going to let you go, I gotta call Nash.

Taylor: Alright later man.

~End of Phone Conv~

I needed to tell Jasmine.

*Jasmine's POV*

Taylor was downstairs for awhile on the phone. I wonder who it was. I was wearing pants and it was getting really hot in my room. Wearing pants in the summer time is never a good thing to do. I changed into a pair of pajama shorts and layed on my bed. I heard footsteps coming upstairs and I pretended to sleep. I heard my door open. "If your awake, I would turn around." I didn't move. "Okay then, I'll leave." I turned around. He was shirtless. God, hes so damn sexy. "Noo, don't leave. Come cuddle with mee!" "Only for a little, because you need to get ready for something special tonight." I was confused. I didn't know what he was talking about. "What is that?" "Its a suprise." I looked at him and he was standing by my closet. "Come here then." He walked over and layed next to me on my bed. He put his arm around me and I wrapped my arms around him. I was really comfortable and I didn't want to move. I have no idea what the special occasion was for later tonight. I just wanted to stay home and cuddle with Taylor. Maybe this special occasion will be a good suprise.

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