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*Taylor's POV*

I woke up and it was the second day of Magcon. I was so exhausted from yesterday's Magcon. It was crazy with a lot of drama, but overall I had fun. Cameron made a good choice by apologizing to Jasmine at Magcon. I finally got out of bed after thinking about everything that happened. I went into the bathroom to take a shower. The water felt so nice since it was hot in the hotel. I got out and changed into the shirt that Jasmine made me. I walked out of the bathroom and Jasmine was in her underwear and bra. "Woah babe, looking nicee." "Taylor! Turn around!" "No, I want to enjoy this." I walked over to her and hugged her tight. "You look super hot so don't worry." "Taylor, I need to change." "Not yet." She looked up at me and smiled. I kissed her and I let go. She walked to the bathroom and I heard the shower running. I layed on the bed and went on twitter. I decided to tweet. 'Good Morning! Jasmine and I are looking forward to seeing you guys tonight.' A lot of the fans said things like 'I'm coming today!'  or 'Follow Me Taylor!' or 'I can't wait to see you!' My fans were awesome. I truely did love them and I do care about them. Jasmine walked out and her hair was fishtailed to the side. "You look nice today." She looked at me up and down. I knew she was checking me out. I turned in a circle. "Am I looking nice today?" "Oohh definitely." We both laughed for a long time. "I'm gonna see if Matt is up. I have to talk to him privately." I looked at her weird. Did she like Matt? I mean, she told me she loved me and that she would never leave me. "Why?" "I always talk to him about life and all, like he understands so much. Don't worry though, I don't like him like that." "Oohh okay, I was just making sure." "Umm okay hahaha." I felt stupid now. I wrapped my arm around her and we walked to Matt's room. She knocked on the door and Aaron answered the door. "Is Matt awake?" "HELL YEAH I AM!" I heard from the other side of the room. Yeah, he was awake for sure. Aaron let us in and we saw Matt. He was so hyper. "Whats going on with him?" Aaron looked at me clueless. "I have no idea. Hes just super hyper." "Well okay, but Jasmine needs to talk to you privately so calm down." He starting breathing in and out and he calmed down a little bit. "Jasmine, I'm gonna stay here while you and Matt talk so you know where I'm at." "Okay bye babe. I love you." She hugged me and kissed my cheek and left.

*Matt's POV*

I was super hyper for I don't know why but I'm always hyper a lot. Jasmine needed to talk to me so I calmed down. We walked out of the hotel room and she started talking. "You know Matt, I'm glad I met you all. You guys are so nice to me and knowing that I know you will be there for me is nice. So thank you for that and I wanted to ask you something." "Yeah whats up?" "Does Taylor ever talk about me when I'm not around?" "Oohh does he ever! He won't shut up about you! Hes always saying how he never met someone like you and that he loves you so much and hes glad you guys met." "What do you think about it?" "Jasmine, you guys are the power couple of us boys. I've never seen Taylor act like this around a girl before so thats a good thing. That day you ran away from all of us and went and sat in the bathroom, Taylor was so worried. He kept asking himself questions like 'What did I do? Was it me? Does she not like me?' Jasmine, he does care about you and hes never gonna leave you because you got him hooked with whatever charm you have." She looked at me and hugged me tight. "Thank you Matt." "No problem, its what best friends are for right?" "Yay! And I've been wanting to get a picture of me and you together." "Okay!" She took her phone out and she asked this guy to take our picture. We posed and he took the picture. The picture turned out good. "Send that to me!" "Okay, and lets head to the hotel." "Alright." We got back to the hotel and everyone was in the lobby. "Hey guys whats up." "Not much." Shawn said. "Nash, I want a picture with you!" Jasmine said. "Okay okay lets do this." "I'll take the picture." I took their picture and it was good. "And now Matt and Nash." "Jeez Jasmine." "What, you guys are my best friends." "Yeah I know." Cameron took the picture and it turned out good. "Okay, now the cute couple!" Jasmine turned and grabbed Taylor's arm. He wrapped his arm around her and she did too. It was the cutiest picture. They were so cute together. They never fight which is good and they seem to have a good time with each other all the time. "I want a picture with Jasmine!" Aaron and Hayes said. "Okay." Aaron went first and I took the picture. Hayes went. "Anyone else while were at it?" I said jokingly. "Okay yeah me." "Yeah me too." Said Shawn and Carter. Shawn went and then Carter went. "Hey we should all change our twitter pictures to our picture with Jasmine to see if the fans notice." "Yeah good idea!" "Wait, Cameron needs a picture!" Jasmine said. "Cameron get over there." I took the picture and we checked. "The Jacks, Mahogany and Jacob need a picture!" Jack J went first then Jack G went. Mahogany went after Jack and then Jacob went. "There we go." Jasmine sent all the pictures out to the boys and they all changed their twitter pictures. "Okay, lets get a group picture and set it has our headers!" Nash said. "Good Idea!" Aaron said. We had the front desk lady take the picture and it turned out great. We all set it as our headers. The fans started to notice. I saw tweets like 'Omg they have the same headers!' 'They all changed their picture to a picture with Jasmine! Thats cute!' 'Taylor and Jasmine look the cutiest.' 'This is why I love this fandom!' 'I love you guys so much!' All the tweets were nice and lovely. "Lets go to Mount Olympics but with no concerns." "Okay!" Jasmine said loudly. "Jasmine calm down!" "Nash, don't tell me how to live my life!" She said jokingly. We all started laughing and she was jumping up and down. "Damn, like look at her though. Shes gorgeous and what shes wearing is hot as hell because shes short and she looks so good in her outfit." I turned around and it was Taylor. If you want to know what she was wearing, she was wearing blue high waisted shorts and a pink belly shirt. The shorts were cool looking because they looked beached and it was actually neat. She also had on hot pink vans. Her hair was in this neat braid to the side. "She does look cute, but don't worry man. I don't like her like that." "Yeah I know." Taylor ran and picked Jasmine up and started spinning her. She was laughing and he was too. I smiled because they were so damn cute. Taylor put her down and they hooked hands. "Okay so whos that? I never had the change to introduce myself to her." Jacob said. "Her names Jasmine and shes with Taylor as you can see. Shes a great person to hang around." "Is she part of Magcon?" "No but shes allowed on stage because shes with Taylor." "Oohh I see." "Yeah so full free to say hi to her!" "Okay, I will later!" He went by Mahogany and we were finally at Mount Olympics. We went inside Mount Olympics's indoor theme park and we were all amazed. "This place is awesome!" "I told you!" Jasmine said. We went on some of the rides and had fun. "Theres some rides outside and theres one were for sure going on." Jasmine said. "Whats that one called that we have to go on?" Taylor asked. "Hades 360. That one over there." I looked to where she was pointing and it actually went underground. That was so cool! I can't wait to go on that one. "Lets go!" We all ran to the Hades ride and get in line. I was so excited for this ride.

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