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I called Taylor and told him that we were 10 minutes away. I can't wait to surprise Jasmine. "So I told Taylor we were 10 minutes away." "Okay good." Nash said. Then I got a text from Taylor. "Jasmine just went shopping with her friend Kelley so shes gone so perfect timing guys!" I replied back saying "Oh sweet!" "So Jasmine isn't home right now. She went shopping with her friend so when we get there, she'll be gone!" I said all excited. "Dude sweet! We can decorate the house then!" Nash said super excited as well. "I'm so excited to see the look on her face when she sees us." Hayes said. "Same." Nash and I said at the same time. We finally got to their house and Taylor, Matt and Carter were all waiting outside when we pulled in. "Park in the garage so she doesn't know you're here." Taylor said. "Alright man." Nash said. Nash pulled in and we all got out. "Alright so theres a bedroom in the basement and one more guest room open so you guys can figure all that out but lets just get everything inside and start decorating." Taylor said. We walked in and put everything in the basement room for now and then grabbed all the decorations we brought with us. "Okay so Nash and I will do the streamers and Taylor and Matt can do the balloons and Carter and Hayes can set up the tables and put the presents in her room." I said "Alright guys lets get started." Matt said.
I was blowing up a balloon when my phone went off. It was a text from Jasmine. "Hey babe, Kelley and I will be back in about half an hour. Just wanted to let you know. Love you." "OKAY GUYS, JASMINE IS GONNA BE HOME IN ABOUT HALF AN HOUR SO HUSTLE AS FAST AS YOU CAN TO GET YOUR STUFF DONE." I yelled so everyone heard me. "WERE ALL DONE BRO." Carter and Hayes said. "Come help with balloons then." I said. We had one more pack of balloons to do. "Streamers are now done" Nash said. "Where do you want the balloons?" Hayes asked. "Just anywhere on the floor." I replied. "Where are we hiding?" Cameron asked. "In the basement bedroom, I'll leave something of mine down there on the bed so i'll have her go get it and then you guys can pop up and surprise her." "Alright cool." Hayes said. "Here, let me show you where to hide so you guys know." I said. They all followed me downstairs to the basement room. "Put all your bags in the bathroom and close the door and then hide in here." I said while opening the closet. "Shit dude, thats a nice big closet." Cameron said. "Right, its so nice." I said. We all walked back upstairs to eat something quick before Jasmine got home. I pulled out a bag of chips and we all chilled at the table. "So hows everything here with Jasmine and shit?" Nash asked. "Man, its great. She likes to clean so the house is always cleaned. Shes always happy and energetic like me, its amazing dude. Living with her is amazing." I said. "Hey I'm happy for you." Cameron said. "Thanks man, means a lot." Hayes got up running to the window. "Bro what is it?" "Jasmines home! She just pulled in!" "Oh shit, go go go!" I yelled. Cameron, Nash and Hayes ran downstairs. I put the chips away and cleaned up. "You guy sit on the couch and act like nothing is happening." "Yeah okay." Matt said laughing. I went by the door and opened the door for Jasmine and Kelley. "Hey babe!" I said kissing her forehead. "Hey you." She said back. "Omg whats all this?" Kelley said walking inside. "Matt and Carter wanted to throw a little party when you guys got back." "Oh nice." Jasmine said. "Hey babe?" I said. "Yeah?" She said turning around. "Can you go in the basement room and grab my sweater for me? Its in the closet." "Yeah sure." I then texted Cameron. "Okay shes on her way down there. Shes gonna open the closet door so when she does, all you guys jump up and yell surprise." "Alright." Cameron replied back.
Taylor wanted me to grab his sweater for god knows what reason. It was nice out so he shouldn't need it but all well. I opened the basement door and walked down the stairs. How come the bed isn't made? Umm. I made the bed before I went to grab his sweater. I walked to the closet and opened it. "SURPRISE." "Omg guys!! What are you doing here?!" I heard running down the stairs. I turned around and Taylor, Matt, Carter and Kelley were all standing there. "Surprise babe!" Taylor said. "Omg I can't believe you! This is awesome!" I said hugging him. I turned back around to hug Nash then Cameron then Hayes. I was so damn happy to see them all. This is the gonna be the best weekend ever.

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