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*Jasmine's POV*

"TAYLOR!" "What?!" "Why didn't you tell me that Cameron, Nash and Hayes are here?!" "Oohh I didn't think they would get here so fast." "Oohh okay because Kali is freaking out and were suppose to walk over to the shoe section and help her find Hayes." "Okay lets go on an adventure!" Taylor started jumping up and down and skipping to the shoe section. He was so cute like I want him to be with me for the rest of my life. I ran after him and we found Kali. "Did you find him yet?!" "Kali, calm down, we'll find him." "Taylor, you don't get it, I've loved Hayes for so long and I've waited forever to meet him and knowing that hes in the same Wal-mart as me right now is so awesome." Kali just like blew up on Taylor. I thought it was funnyxD "Kali, Taylor will text Hayes to see where hes at so don't worry, you will definitely get to see him tonight!" "Okay good because hes so hot." "Yeah, I know I'm hot." Kali turned around and almost went face first but Hayes caught her.

*Hayes POV*

I caught this girl just in time. I didn't want her to fall and get a concussion. "Hey I'm Hayes obviously and you are?" "Umm Kali." "Oohh well Kali, your actually really pretty." "Omg thanks! I've been waiting forever to meet you! I love you so much!" "Awww I love you too." Kali was really pretty and nice. Why didn't we meet before? It feels like I've known her forever but finally got to meet her. I'm glad Taylor told me to come tonight. I hope shes coming to Magcon. I want to spend as much time with her as possible. We are going to be together I feel it coming. I should talk to Cameron. He is like a brother to me and he helps me all the time. I looked and saw a girl standing by Taylor and she was crying. I went up to her to see whats up. "Hey whats wrong?" "Ohh nothings wrong I'm just so happy right now it brings tears to my eyes. Seeing all of my favorites in front of me right now is amazing, but Camerons missing. "Yeah where did he go?" "To the bathroom." "Hey I didn't get your name." "Its Jasmine and its finally nice to meet you Hayes." "Its nice to meet you too but your friend Kali, is she single?" "Yes why?!" "I want to ask her out. Shes so stunning but I always talk to Cameron about it first. He helps me through everything." "Thats good! And just to tell you, you will love her. Shes an awesome friend and she would love if you asked her out, but not now." "Why not?" "You guys just met, you have to get to know each other!" "Oohh yeah okay I will get to know her and then I might." "Okay good." I finally saw Cameron walking back and I needed to talk to him.

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