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*Aaron's POV*

What just happened. Taylor is leaving Magcon tonight and I'm really sad about that. Taylor and I have gotta really close like brothers. Hes like an older brother to me. I decided to start talking about this whole situation. "Guys, we need to sort this out because I don't want Taylor to leave." "Its not my fault shes good looking." Cameron said. "I didnt say it was. I'm just saying if you guys could atleast try and stop liking her? Because seriously this drama is ridiculous and the rest of us boys are tired of it." "Dang, I didn't think you would rat us out like that." Jacob said. "Well then you don't know me because im tired of this drama. Taylor is with Jasmine and thats that. Just leave them be." I said as I got up and walked out. I decided to go talk to Taylor and Jasmine. I knocked on the door and Taylor answered. "Hey Aaron whats going on?" "Not much just left the room because I ratted Cameron and Jacob out." He turned and looked at me fast. "You did?" "Yeah I told them that the rest of the boys are getting tired of this drama and I also told them that you have Jasmine and thats that." "Yay Aaron way to go man." "Yeah I know, you're welcome too." "Yeah thanks!" We were checking twitter when the bathroom door opened. "How do I look?" "Fucking hot thats for sure." Taylor said. Jasmine was blushing hardcore. "Hey Aaron." "Hey Jasmine whats going on?" "Not much just trying to control all this drama but theres so much I can handle." "Oohh don't worry about that. They shouldn't be a problem anymore." I said laughing. She looked at Taylor right away. "What did you do?" "Oohh babe, it wasn't me, it was Aaron. He blow up on them." "Thanks Aaron!" "You're welcome!" Taylor then went into the bathroom to change and put a bandana on. "You riding with us then?" Jasmine asked. "Yeah if its fine with Taylor." "Yeah man its fine." "Alright cool." "Are we leaving now then?" I asked. "Yes we are so lets go." "I gotta go back to my room and grab my pass then I'll be out." "Okay." I ran to my room and used the key to unlock it. Nash, Cameron, Hayes, Carter and Matt were still in the room. "Just here to grab my pass." "Are you riding with us?" Nash asked. "Nah, I'm riding with Taylor and Jasmine." "Okay..." Cameron said. It was sort of awkward but I walked out as fast as I could. I saw Taylor's range rover and got in the back. "Lets go." "Alright." Taylor said. I saw Taylor grab Jasmine's hand and she looked at him and smiled. They were honestly so cute. I took a picture of them and put it on twitter. 'They are so cute tbh @jasminewyland and @taylorcaniff' I saw Jasmine look at her phone and she turned around and smiled at me. "What happened?" Taylor asked confused. "Its what Aaron put on twitter." She showed him the picture and he smiled. "And we are here." Taylor said. "The fans will probably not be happy but I'm leaving after this." Taylor said. I was still sad about him leaving because I didn't want him to leave. I can visit him but it won't be the same.

*Nash's POV*

This drama was insane. Aaron is kind of pissed at Jacob and Cameron. Taylor is leaving Magcon after tonight. This family is tearing apart. But I'm trying to handle all of this because I want to atleast have fun before Taylor and Jasmine leave. Jasmine was my other best friend and I was going to miss her but I will visit her here and there. We were already at the venue where Magcon was being held. "Alright lets do this!" Matt said. He was always excited to meet the fans. I was too. I love seeing the fans face when they see us. "Hey Jasmine!" "Nash Hi!" She said hugging me. "I'm going to miss you." "Nash, I'm going to miss you too but you can come visit!" "Oohh I sure will!" "Sounds good!" She said walking back to Taylor. It was finally time for the fans to come in and we were all ready. "Hey Nash, I'm sorry if I cause any troubles. Its just shes beautiful in every way I can't just forget about her." It was Cameron. "Cameron, I know shes beautiful but shes with Taylor and you know that. Taylor met her first and plus, I'm sure you don't want Taylor anymore mad then he already is. We clear?" "Yeah sure." "Cam, I mean it. Don't do anything." "I wasn't going to anyways." I was so beyond frustrated with this drama. I signed a lot of things tonight and talked to a lot of fans. It made me happy to meet them. I saw Jasmine taking pictures with fans and signing things. She was so happy. I was happy for her. "Hey Matt, I have a good idea." "Yeah whats that?" "I plan on when Jasmine leaves to go to San Diego, that you and I could get a plane to San Diego and we can suprise her. She will never see it coming!" "Yeah! We can even get Taylor on this so he knows!" "Yeah good idea!" "I'll go get him." I walked over to Taylor and stole him for a second. "Hey you! You can't just steal my boyfriend hes mine." Jasmine said jokingly. "I will bring him back." We walked away and we started talking. "So whats up?" He asked. "Matt and I were planning on suprising Jasmine." "That sounds nice! How you gonna do it?" "Well when you two are in San Diego, Matt and I are going to get plane tickets and we would fly out there and I will figure out the rest of the plan when Magcon is over and stuff." "Okay sounds like a plan. By the way, thanks for being such a good friend to Jasmine." "Oohh no problem, shes a great friend." "And a great girlfriend." He said smirking. I started laughing and so did he. "Okay I'm going to get back to the fans, they're probably wondering where were at." "Yeah true." We walked back out and joined the group.

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