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*Taylor's POV*

Jasmine and I were already heading to Magcon to talk to Bart. I was telling him I was quiting. I wanted things for Magcon to change but Bart wouldn't listen to me. He just basically using the fans for their money. Definitely not fair to them so Jasmine and I are having our own meet and greet and the good thing is that the fans don't have to pay. I'll just tweet where were going to be and knowing my fans, they will come. I saw the building and parked the range rover. I grabbed Jasmine's hand and we headed inside. I saw some managers walking around. "Wheres Bart at?" "Over there." Nick pointed and I saw him. "Thanks." We both walked over to where Bart was. "Hey Taylor, nice to see you early." He turned and looked at Jasmine. "You must be Jasmine, I've heard about you." Jasmine looked up at me and smiled. "Bart, I'm here to tell you something." "Alright shoot." "After this Magcon, I'm done." Bart looked at me shooked more than ever. "Taylor, why? Your going to disappoint your fans." "No I won't. I'm having my own meet and greet and I will have them more then Magcon has meet ups." "Whatever you want I guess. Your going to be missing out on the fun." I looked at him serious. "Oohh, we'll see about that." As I said that, I walked off. Jasmine grabbed my arm and stopped me. "Are you telling your fans tonight?" "Of course I am." It was almost time for Magcon so we just stayed. Jasmine helped me grab all my merch and sharpies. She got me two water bottles and my table was set and ready. She was sitting on my lap but then got up. "Where you going?" "I'm going to set the rest of the boys tables up." "You don't have to you know." "I know but why not?" "Okay, I'll help you so you know whos tables whos." I helped her set the boys tables up and as we got to Cameron's table she stopped for a minute. She had his merch in her hands and she just stared at it. "I'll still help him but thats the most hes getting from me." "Oohh damn babe." She started laughing and I did too. She put his merchanise down and set his table up. She turned around and started to grab Hayes's merch but I stopped her. I grabbed her and got her close to me. "What do you want?" "You know what I want." She looked at me and gave me a smirk. "You remember what I said." "Now babe, I broke that rule in the hotel room." "Well this is me reapplying that rule." She put her finger to my lip. "Thats so not fair." "Calm down, Magcon is in like a half and hour." She grabbed Hayes's merch and put it on the table. "Fine, but I'll have a rule later tonight." "And whats that?" "I'm not taking my shirt off when we go to bed." She had sharpies in her hand and she dropped them to the ground. She turned her head so fast to look at me. "Taylor, don't do that to me." "Sorry babe, I have rules too." "But Taylorr." She ran to me and hugged me tight. "But you're hot without a shirt." "Am I only hot without a shirt?" She let go of me and picked up the sharpies from the ground and put them on Hayes's table. "Hell no. You're hot all the time." I walked around and saw a mirror. "Am I that hot?" I started 'checking' myself out by turning my body and looking around. Jasmine saw me and started laughing so hard. She literally fell on the ground laughing it was hilarious. "Taylor! Stop." I picked her up and kissed her on the cheek. We were still laughing when the rest of the boys walked in. Even the Jacks were here! "Hey you two are finally here!" Jack Gilinsky came to me and pulled me away from everyone else. "Whos that up there?" He said pointing to Jasmine. I decided to mess with me. "Some crazy fan that decided to sneak in when I was setting up the tables." "Well shes cute." Okay time to stop playing. He wasn't getting her. I already had her. "Dude, I'm kidding. Shes my girlfriend." "Woah bro, niceee." He said giving me a high five. "I know, but don't get any ideas. Cameron tried that once but it didn't work out." "What happened?" "Go ask him." I said walking back to Jasmine. "Hey babe." "Omg the Jacks are here. They are all here in front of me." "Haha yeah they are." Nash turned and saw Jasmine. "JASMINE!" "NASH!" They hugged and Matt came up and hugged her too. "You doing okay?" Matt asked her. "Oohh yeah! I'm fine!" "Am I the only one that doesn't know her?" Jack Johnson asked. We all started laughing. Nash decided to introducd her. "Jack, this is my girl best friend Jasmine and also Taylor's girl." "Well nice to meet you Jasmine." "Yeah its finally nice to meet you." Jack G looked up and spoke. "Wait, what happened between you three?" He said pointing to Jasmine, Cameron and myself. Jasmine looked at me. I looked at her then at Cameron. "Honesly bro its a long story." "Yeah it is." Jasmine said. Cameron walked off and Nash followed him. I decided to follow too. "Cameron." He kept walking. "CAMERON."

"What?!" He turned around then. "Bro whats up." Nash said. "I don't know, its just that its hard to see her mad at me." I decided to speak now. "Hey, I know I've been giving you shit and I'm truely sorry but its hard on her too. She feels too awkward knowing you still like her and all." "Well I never wanted it to be awkward and I plan on aplogizing tonight." "Your going to need a good one then." "Oohh I will and when I mean tonight, I mean during Magcon." Nash and I looked at each other. "Whatever you want man." Nash said. We all walked back to everyone and Jasmine was talking to Matt. They are such good friends and I'm happy that she has a friend like Matt. Hes great. "Okay, were bring in the VIP group in 10 minutes." Bart said from backstage. "Okay." Was all our responds. We got in our spots where we usually are and Jasmine was by me of course. She sat right next to me. "So Jasmine, what are you like?" Jack G asked her. "Well theres nothing really cool about me." "Babe shut up there is too." "Like what then?" "You're funny, cute, creative and I still remember the first time I met you." "TELL THE STORY!" Said Jack J. "Well her ex-friend Kali and herself were walking on a path by the lake and I decided to go to lake to see what it was like. They were rapping my part of buckwild outloud and they stopped singing because they liked the chorus part and so I started singing that part. She started yelling at Kali telling her not to sing but it obviously wasn't Kali singing. She then said 'Wells theres no one else here.' and I said 'Actually I'm here.' and she actually fainted right then and there."

"Why did you faint?" Asked Jack G. "Because hes hot." The boys started laughing and she blushed. "Okay I have a question for you Jasmine." It was Jack G asking. "What?" "If you weren't dating Taylor, who would you like?" She turned and looked at me. "You can't get mad babe." "I won't because I know you love me." She stood up and stood in the middle of the circle. "I would like Matt, Nash, Jack G, and umm Cam." She looked at Cameron and then looked away. Cameron was smiling. I kind of got mad but I promised her I wouldn't. She sat next to me looking worried. "Babe, I'm not mad." "Okay." We were all talking but then a bunch of girls piled into the room screaming. "Its time!" We all stood up and went to our tables.

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