REPUTATION. ( jack gilinsky ) by -itsolivia-
REPUTATION. ( jack gilinsky )by olivia ;)
"all you care about is your stupid reputation."
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wrong number ; j.g by pixiedix
wrong number ; j.gby elizabeth
Jack Gilinsky drunk texts his friend one night, except it's not his friend. It happens to be a girl named Ana, who doesn't believe him when he says he's Jack Gilinsky. ...
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my babygirl → jack gilinsky [wattys 2018] by ryliewaldropcaniff
my babygirl → jack gilinsky [watty...by ryliewaldropcaniff
"that's my babygirl over there, i'm gonna marry her one day"
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Mine?//j.f.g ? by trini5043
Mine?//j.f.g ?by Trini 5043
What Happens When Journey Gets Pregnant By Jack Gilinsky?
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Coincidence    -Omaha Boys- by YourGirlNikole
Coincidence -Omaha Boys-by n.
[COMPLETED]"TJ?" A voice I haven't heard in years stop me in my tracks. Tiffany Johnson, younger sister of Jack Johnson, just graduated from a boarding school...
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Being Kersey Jenner | Watty's 2017 by iceegoddess
Being Kersey Jenner | Watty's 2017by goddess thicc
"Because Jack.....we're like fire and ice. Apart, we're a dream, a mirage of things that will never be. Together we're a disaster. A beautiful disaster that can't h...
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Body Guard || J.G. by highforwilk
Body Guard || J.G.by bry ;
Betrayal is the #1 thing you can rely on. Contains ; (awkward) sexual situations, strong language, and strong violence.
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The neighbor; J. G by Omahaagodss
The neighbor; J. Gby Omahaagodss
In which a girl falls in love with her neighbor, filled with plot twists and a mystery.
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Don't Tell ✎ s.w. by stubborngilinsky
Don't Tell ✎ s.w.by Ella
"Samuel," I say staring him in the eye as he stood up. I wince at the pounding in my head. "Promise me one thing." "Anything." "Don't...
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roommates ✧ jack gilinsky by kartrashians
roommates ✧ jack gilinskyby skinny penis
in which a boy and a girl get to know each other once they get stuck living in the same dorm. ariana grande and jack gilinsky. editing!
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Freak. by WilkOgOc
Freak.by WilkOgOc
" Who's this Shithead?" i asked approaching the lunch to a new, attractive face. "Derek, He's new" Johnson answered sweetly i looked forward at the...
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shallow love→ jack gilinsky by l2tpkacey
shallow love→ jack gilinskyby king kacey
"is it shallow love, or is it something real?" "seriously, jack?" - THIRD BOOK TO NOBODY & DISTANCE
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Puberty ~ Jack Gilinsky by chicodakota
Puberty ~ Jack Gilinskyby lil ma🥀
"damn what happened to you" "its called puberty jack" lower case intended.
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Roommates.  by WilkOgOc
Roommates. by WilkOgOc
Noni Ray. 18 year old college student, Finds herself
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the girl in the club • jack gilinsky by heart-strings1
the girl in the club • jack gilins...by heart-strings1
heartbreak, when a heartbroken guy is trying to move on. he stays home. he binge watches his favourite tv shows. maybe even wonder why him and his ex broke up. pitying h...
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Assistant (JG) by jackingilinsky
Assistant (JG)by 💜 Basic 💜
who said it'd just be an office assistant? -lower case intended- Warning ⚠️ Contains: Sexual content, swearing, alcohol abuse and lots more
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assistant + cameron dallas ✔ by finessedgilinsky
assistant + cameron dallas ✔by a ♡
"don't test me babygirl, i swear i'll take you right here on this desk" warning: some parts of this book make no fucking sense, so just bear through it if you...
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  • samwilkinson
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tutor + j.g by bynamendes
tutor + j.gby “Watch your pack.”
"You know I can make you feel better yet you go to him." "I know", I say weakly. Every inch of my body simply belonged to him, for it craved his touc...
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Jack Gilinsky Imagines (jg) by sapcygilinsky
Jack Gilinsky Imagines (jg)by g
give it a chance IG: gagilinsky
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Interracial Imagines by l0veya1ani
Interracial Imaginesby Lani 🌺❣️
Love has NO Color •Request Open •If you don't see your mans in the table of contents, ask for him •Vote, Comment, Add to Library, and Follow if you enjoy them
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