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*Taylor's POV*

I woke up at 8 and Jasmine was still sleeping. I took a shower and got dress. I walked out of the bathroom and Jasmine was still sleeping. She was curled up in a ball and it was cute. I took a picture of her and put it on instagram. 'She sleeps cute(;' I tagged her in the photo and decided to get her ready. I grabbed the cutiest outfit for her for Magcon today. I wanted her to curl her hair today because she looked cute with curly hair. I set the curler up and got her make-up out that she used everyday. I had everything ready so now I had to get her up. I walked to the bed and kissed her on the neck many times. "Babe, wake up please." She turned around and pulled me down for a kiss. Our lips connected and I smiled in the kiss. "I have everything ready for you. I picked out your outfit and your going to curl your hair today." "Thanks Tay. You're the best." I kissed her again and lead her to the bathroom. "I'm going to get some breakfast, want any?" "Sure, ummm some powdered donuts sound good right now." "Alright, I'll get you some." I left and headed downstairs. I drove to the gas station and headed inside. I grabbed the powdered donuts and grabbed a root beer for her. I grabbed an egg muffin for myself. I payed for our breakfast and headed back to the hotel. I got to the hotel within 5 minutes and went to our room. Jasmine was in the bathroom still. "Babe, I'm back." She opened the bathroom and she was curling her hair. "Wow, you're looking pretty hot today." "You're not bad yourself." She said with a smirk. I walked to her and hugged her. "Here, let me try." "Fine just please don't mess up." She handed me the curling iron and I took a strand from the back of her hair and curled it. It came out good. "I got this Jasmine, don't worry." "Thanks Taylor." "Your welcome." I said as I kissed her neck. I looked in the mirror and she was blushing. I finished her hair and I turned her around. She was smiling. "Thanks so much for doing the rest of my hair." I smiled and hugged her tight. "You know, I love you so much and I can't wait for us to go back to your house and grab the boxes and head to San Diego and get set in our new home." "I can't wait either." "So what do you want to do today before Magcon starts?" "Doesn't matter to me." "We could finish what we started last night." She looked at me. "Good try Caniff." I started laughing and she grabbed my hand and dragged me out of the room. "Where we going?" "Downtown to walk around and be happy." "Okay." We headed out the hotel and we hooked hands. We were walking downtown and going inside stores. We basically just looked around and enjoyed the nick weather. It was nice. "Taylor?" "Yeah?" "Are you really not going to Magcon anymore?" "I don't know. I was just really pissed that he kissed you and that just came out if my mouth." "You can always just do your own meet and greet." "I could and I just might because then you and I can meet more fans." "I wouldn't say I have fans Taylor." "Oohh I'm sure you have fans, a lot of people ship us and my fans love you so yes babe, you have fans." "Whatever floats your boat Tay." "You know I'm right." "Sure I do." She said laughing. I laughed with her. "Want a piggy back ride?" "Yes!" She jumped on my back and I started running down the sidewalk. I slowed down started walking. "Jasmine, what time is it?" "11." "Okay." "Why? Do we have to be somewhere?" "No its just I don't want to lose track of time. Us boys usually go hang out somewhere at noon the day of Magcon and make vines together." "Oohh okay, where we going to meet them?" "Do you want to hang out with them?" "Yeah of course!" "Okay we'll probably meet in the hotel lobby and decided where were going." "We can always go to MT Olympics, they have awesome theme park rides." "That sounds great!" I wanted to go to the theme park, it seemed fun enough for all of us. I was thinking about the theme park when I heard a bunch of screaming girls ahead. Jasmine was still on my back and she got down. The fans ran to us and hugged me. "Taylor! Can I get a picture with you?!" "Yeah sure." We took the picture and the chick looked at Jasmine. "Who are you?" Before she said anything I spoke. "Shes my girlfriend and I would appreciate if you didn't give her crap about it either." The chick just looked at me like I was crazy. Jasmine was staring at the chick. "If you guys are dating, then kiss her." "Fine." Jasmine said sassy. She grabbed my face and kissed me. She got more and more into it. She let go and smiled. She looked back at the girl and gave her a nasty look. "Yeah I'm his girlfriend so back off." She was hot when she gets jealous and mad. "You can't tell me what to do." "I'm not telling you what to do, I'm just saying. Taylor's mine, not yours." "Yeah whatever, I think you're lying. You just wish you were dating him." Jasmine looked so mad now. I decided to do something before something violent happened. "Okay, hey listen. I don't know who you are but Jasmine and I are dating. You can look on twitter and instagram. We've posted pictures of us together and I even posted how I asked her out so check that out before you start saying shit that ain't real." I grabbed Jasmine's hand and walked the other way. She was still mad which was cute. I stopped and turned her around. "Hey, just forget it. Shes not a real fan anyways." She looked at me and kissed me. "I know but I would have punched her if you didn't say anything." I picked her up and gave her a piggy back ride on the way back to the hotel. It was almost noon and I was excited. I was still mad at Cameron but I would have to get over it. I know Jasmine loves me and thats all I wanted. Shes just amazing. We arrived at the hotel and the rest of the boys were in the lobby waiting. "Hey guys, Jasmine said we should all go to MT Olympics because she said theres awesome rides." "There are so lets go!" "Alrighty then." Nash said. "Nash! I haven't had a hug in awhile!" "Then come here Jasmine!" Nash and and Jasmine hugged and she smiled. She came back and hugged me from the side. I wrapped my arm around her. "So should we go?" Cameron said. "Yes lets go." Matt said. I saw Cameron looking at Jasmine and I got a little mad. I knew he was thinking about her. I could tell and I wasn't happy about it. I decided to kiss Jasmine and make sure Cameron was watching. She obviously gave in. I heard a bunch of 'Awwws' from the guys. I looked at Jasmine and she was blushing hardcore. "You guys are seriously the cutiest couple. I need a picture of this!" Matt said. She stood in front of me and I wrapped my arms around her. He took the picture and posted it on twitter. I saved it and she did too. She posted it has your wallpaper and I did too. We had the same lock screen and same wallpaper which I found cute.

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