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*Jasmine's POV*

Magcon was in 2 days and I'm super thrilled. I was walking home and I noticed that Taylor was still at my house. Good because I needed him right now. There was a note on his car. I decided to read it to see if it was anything important. It read: 'Jasmine, I know you'll read this so just follow the directions. In my car is a box. Please grab it and open it.' I opened his car door and looked for the box. It was in the back seat. I opened the box and saw a letter and a ticket to the next Magcon! Omg hes so sweet! The letter read: 'Jasmine, I know your going through a rough time and I want to fix that for you so I got you a ticket for the next Magcon. It took a lot of effort to get that but I did it for you. When I saw you for the first time at the lake, I knew we would get along and maybe hopefully date because I love you. You mean a lot to me and I love spending time with you. I want to be with you forever. I like you so much that it hurts that were not together. I will always be here for you and you know that. Just stay strong for me and promise you won't go anywhere for now. I love you.. Taylor(:' I started to tear up. I wiped my tears away when I saw another little note. It read: 'Your welcome for the ticket! And you know how I feel now about you and that I will never leave you. Okay now, go to the front of the house and there should be a rose on the ground with another note(:' I walked to the front of the house and sure enough there was a rose on the ground. It was gorgeous. The next note read: 'Walk inside and in the fridge there is a can of root beer and some brownies I made for you.' God hes so nice and sweet! I love him so much. He definitely knows how to cheer me up. I walked in and went straight to the fridge. I grabbed my root beer and brownies and put them in the box where my ticket was. On the brownies was another note. It said: 'Your welcome beautiful(: Now walk upstairs and come find me(:' Awwwee. He honestly is the best guy ever! No guy would ever do this for me. I walked upstairs and opened my door. I started to tear up again. There was rose pedals everywhere. There was flowers everywhere and my room smelt so good. I looked on my bed and there was a ring! I looked up and saw Taylor come from the balcony. He took the ring and put it on me. "I love you so much Jasmine and I want to be with you forever." I couldn't say anything. I was tearing up because I was so happy. I hugged him so tight and didn't let go. This was perfect. He kissed me on the cheek and whispered in my ear. "I know its a hard time for you right now but theres a question out on the balcony for you." I looked up at him and he smiled. He wiped my tears from my face and I turned and looked at the balcony. There was balloons tied to the fencing and a note typed to the fence. I let go of him and walked to the balcony. I looked at all of the balloons. There was six balloons and they each had a different word on it. Love, Happy, Joy, Amazing, Perfect, Outstanding. It was awesome and wonderful. I grabbed the note and held it for awhile. I turned around and Taylor was right there by me waiting. He hugged me tight and I felt loved by him. "Time for the note." "Okay." I pulled away from him and started to open the note. The note was folded in squares and each square had a heart on it colored in green. My favorite color. I finally opened it wide and there the question was that he was telling me about. The question sat in my head for awhile. Heres what the question was: 'Jasmine, you're my everything and I need you. Will you be my girlfriend?' I didn't know what to say. I was shocked. I looked up at Taylor and he looked worried like I was going to reject him but how could I? He did all of this for me. I was going through a rough time and he fixed it. He was the one I needed. I walked towards him and looked up at his brown eyes. I smiled and he did too. "Yes, I would love to be your girlfriend." His face was lit up with happiness. He hugged me and spinned me around. "God, I feel so good now. I was going to ask you the first day I met you but I wanted to get to know you and I wanted to ask you in a special way." "Taylor, your so sweet. Thank you so much for all of this." "Your welcome and I was planning this the whole night. Nash texted me saying that you were on your way back home because you said no to dinner with Cameron and so I wasn't going to do this because I knew that you were going through a rough time but I really needed to because I love you so much and I wanted you to finally be mine. I even told my fans that I was doing this." "Taylor, I had no idea... and I'm glad you asked today because once I said no to Cameron, I knew who to pick and that was you because if Cameron did really like me that much, he would have told me that the call was from the hotel but thank you so much." "Your welcome, and check twitter. Theres a lot of nice comments on there." "Aww your so sweet, telling your fans that you were doing this." "I tell them anything basically." "Your lovely Taylor." I went and sat on my bed. I grabbed my phone and I saw my wallpaper. It was still Cameron and I. I changed it to just Taylor. I was still mad at Cameron. I went on twitter and went to Taylor's twitter account.  All the comments were nice! Shes lucky. Go Taylor. I would support you guys. I ship it already. I want to meet her asap. He came by me and wrapped his arm around me. His latest tweet was what he was talking about. His tweet said: 'About to suprise my beautiful crush with some gifts and a special question(;' I looked at him and hugged him. "Your so wonderful Taylor!" "I know." He smiled and I did too. I looked at my phone again and saw the pictures he put on there. The pictures were the gifts he got me and all the cute decorations he put up. I saved them to my phone. It was so nice of him. He layed down on my bed and I layed down next to him. I check the clock and it was 8:33p.m. I got up and went to my dresser to get pajamas. "Watcha doing over there?" "Getting pajamas and trying not to faint." "Umm why would you faint?" I turned around and faced him. He looked confused. "Well, the thing is, I know you'll take your shirt off soon because its late and whenever you take your shirt off I get the butterflies in my stomach because your really good looking." He got up and walked to me. "I'm sure they're the good butterflies though." "They are indeed." He kissed me on the cheek. "Wrong spot." "Oohh okay, lets try that again." He leaned down and we started kissing. It was amazing. We both smiled in our kiss. He pulled away and took his phone out. "How about we kiss and smile again. It would be the perfect picture for us to show how much we love each other." "Maybe you should earn it." "Please no hard to get this time. Even though I love when you play like that I just want to spend every second with you." "Your to sweet. Deal." "Okay lets take this picture in the bathroom, it will be better." "Alright." We walked to the bathroom and he got his phone out again. I looked up at him and he leaned down and kissed me again. We both smiled and I heard his camera take the picture but we didn't pull away. He picked me up and walked back in my room. He threw me on the bed but I got up and ran out my door. "Hey where you going?" "To get something!" I forgot that I got Taylor all these bandanas. I grabbed the big package and ran back upstairs. He had his shirt off and I just stood there. "Sorry, I just had too. Hows the butterflies?" He laughed so hard and it was so cute. "They're doing good but here. I got you all of these for you." "Wait, what are these?" "Open the package." He smiled and opened the package. His face lit up instantly. I knew he would be happy.

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