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*Taylor's POV*

I was so happy! Jasmine got me all of these bandanas and I didn't have any of these ones! "Aww babe, you didn't have too you know." "I know but you look so hot in bandanas so I gave you more." I walked up to her and gave her a big hug. "Are you excited for Magcon?" "Yeah because I'm going to introduce you to my fans!" "Really?" "Yeah because your my girlfriend and I know they will love you." "You never know, I could get hate because they all want you too." "Well lets find out then." I took my phone out and clicked on the camera icon. "Lets take a picture together. Just a normal one." "Okay." We took the picture and I posted it on twitter.

'Heres Jasmine guys! Shes so sweet and I love her so much. Shes my everything and shes coming to Magcon in 2 days! We both have an announcement to make(:'

I tagged her in the photo. She took her phone out and checked it. She smiled. "Aww thanks Taylor, and you're my everything and I love you too." She started going through the comments on the picture. I looked over her shoulder and read them too. They were all nice ones and I was happy.
'Shes pretty!' 'I hope they are dating, they look cute together.' 'I can't wait to meet her!' 'Awwwe Taylor your so sweet.' 'Jasmine, wanna be bestfriends?' 'I have a good idea of what the announcement is(:' 'I ship it. #Jaylor.'

She looked so happy. She turned around and hugged me tight. "Your the best Taylor." "I know, and I told you they would love you." "Yeah you were right." "Hey wanna make a vine? I have the perfect idea but let me ask my fans something first." "Umm okay." She went on her phone again and waited for my tweet. "Alright check my account." She typed my name in the search thing and clicked on my account. She read my latest tweet and smiled. The tweet said: 'Do you guys want to know the announcement now?' All the comments were basically all yes and please. I tweeted again. 'I'm going to make a vine of it. Go check it out in 3 minutes!' She retweet my tweet. "Okay lets make this vine." "What do I have to do?" "You'll know when I start. Just smiled for now." "Uhh okay." I clicked on vine and clicked the video button. The vine: "Hey guys, Jaylor is real." I leaned down and kissed her and she kissed back. We pulled away at the same time and I uploaded the vine and I tagged her in it. She was smiling which was so cute. She got up and went to the bathroom. "You okay?" "Oohh yeah I'm fine." I layed down and put my hands behind my head. "Okay, just making sure, because if I have too I'll picked up some things for you." She opened the bathroom door and looked at me weird. "Eww no, not that time of the month." "I was just checking because we could just make you late on it if you know what I mean." "Uhh no thank you." I started laughing really hard. She was still in the bathroom. "Why not?" I said jokingly. I was still laughing. "I don't plan on having kids." "Oohh I can change that." "Your funny Taylor." She turned off the bathroom lights and stood there. "Yeah I know I'm hot but I want to cuddle, come here." "I wouldn't lay like that though." "Why?" I was confused. "Because." She then ran and jumped on me. "Omg that really hurt, your knee landing right on my spot." "Hahaha sorry about that." "Nah its fine, I like when your on top of me." "You make me sound like a slut." "But your not." Her body was on top of mine and it was comfortable. She layed her head on my chest and she wrapped her arms around my neck. She was so cute. I kissed her head and wrapped my arms around her. She was always cold but I was always warm so it was all good. "You sleeping?" She didn't respond. Okay she was sleeping now. I decided to take a picture. I grabbed my phone from the night stand and went to the camera. I took the picture and put it on instagram and twitter. 'The babe fell asleep on me(:' Then Cameron texted me.

~Text Conv~

Cameron: Is she okay?

Me: Yeah shes fine but you should have told her it was from the hotel.

Cameron: I know and when did you guys start dating?

Me: Like 2 hours ago. Check my twitter and you can see how I asked her.

Cameron: I already saw and I saw the vine too. :/

Me: Hey, please don't be like that. I know you still like her and all but shes with me now and she loves me and I really love her and I don't want to lose her. Your a great friend of mine and I don't want to lose you either. Just please be cool.

Cameron: I will try too. You guys actually look good together. Maybe she will be willing to be my friend. Do the fans know about you and her?

Me: Yeah and they love her and I'll talk to her about you and her being friends and thanks.

Cameron: Thats cool and thank you and your welcome.

Me: Well its late, I'm going to bed.

Cameron: Alright, see you later.

Me: Bye.

~End of Text Conv~

Cameron seems cool about it but he probably isn't. I know he still likes her but hes going to have to get over it. Shes with me and I don't want to lose her. I closed my eyes but then opened them again because she moved. She turned her head the other way and layed back down. She was so cute when she sleeps. I kissed her neck and she tighten her arms that were still around my neck. I'm guessing she loved neck kisses. I did it again. "You like that uhh?" She looked up at me and smiled. She layed back down. "Yeah I do actually." "Good." "What do you like then?" "When girls play with my hair." "Really, okay." She ran her fingers through my hair repeatedly. She looked up at me and smiled. "Wow, your gorgeous." "Thanks." She leaned down and kissed me. I loved her lips. I wrapped my arms around her neck. I sat up but we didn't stop kissing. I moved my arms to her waist and she wrapped her arms around my neck. She let go and grabbed her phone. "That was nice." "I know, thats why I leaned down." She turned the song Ride on by Somo. "That song makes me wanna kiss you." "Too bad, you can't have more because I'm tired. She got off me and layed down next to me. I leaned over to her and she looked up at me. "But I don't follow the rules." I leaned down and kissed her again. She turned her body and grabbed my face. I loved her so much. I pulled away and she came by me closer. "Now its time for bed." "Okay." I wrapped my arm around her waist and she looked up at me and then at my abs. "You got nice abs." "You can touch them if you want." "I was going to anyways." "What if I said you couldn't." "But I don't follow the rules." "Wow, your clever." She put her hand on my abs and closed her eyes. I kissed her head and closed my eyes. I fell asleep within 5 minutes.

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