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I can't believe that came out of my mouth! She knows I like her and I'm sure shes dying of happiness inside but I didn't mean to tell her so soon. Oohh well... "Taylor, you actually like me?" "Yeah I do, ever since I met you I did." "Oohh well I've liked you forever and I never thought you would ever like me because I thought I would never meet you and then Kali told me that you guys were coming to the dells and I honestly felt so happy because I would finally get to meet you and tell you how much you mean to me and how much I love you and how much you changed my life!" "Jasmine, that means so much to me and I love you too." "Awww thanks!" She started to blush again. I whispered to her. "Thats 4 points by the way." "Omg your too cute." I know I was but she was also too cute. I wanted to try something but it might be to early. I decided to go for it later on tonight.

*Jasmine's POV*

Taylor looked so hot I mean, he looks hot everyday when I see him in pictures, but he was with me right now! I still couldn't believe this even though I've been with him for 3 hours now. Taylor started grabbing chips and soda. "Whats that for?" "For the sleepover tonight!" "Oohh thanks!" "Your welcome babe." Holy balls! He called me babe! Best night ever! "Jasmine, when we leave Wal-mart, were going to stop at family video to get movies for tonight." "Okay, this is going to be a great night!" "I know." "Taylor, lets head to the doors of Wal-mart its getting kind of late." "Okay, good because I wanna start this sleepover!" "Yay! Me too!" We were walking to the doors when Taylor grabbed my hand. I looked at him and hugged him so tight. "I love your hugs." "Why, they are just hugs." "I know Taylor but your hugs are special because I love you so much. I never thought I would get to ever hug you." "Awww babe its fine." We finally got to the Wal-mart doors and everyone was waiting there. Cameron looked kind of sad. I knew why. I was with Taylor and not him. "Hey guys!" "Jasmine can we talk?" I turned around and saw Nash with a big smile. "NASH!" "JASMINE!" "I love you so much!" "Hey Jasmine, I wanted to ask you if you wanted to be best friends!" "Umm yes!" "Hey now! I'm his bestfriend!" Cameron hug us both together. "Nah Cam, I need a girl best friend!" "Okay okay fine." We all walked out of Wal-mart and Kali and Hayes were handing hands. I knew they were going to get together. This is a good night.

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