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*Taylor's POV*

Jasmine was so good but I was hoping for that kiss. "Hey! You can't just leave me hanging there!" "Yeah I can." Then she ran up the stairs. "You get back here!" "Never!" "Hey, look!" I lifted my shirt up and she turned around and stared at my abs then at me. "God, your so hot." "Yeah I know, don't gotta tell me." "Wait! Don't get distracted Jasmine!" "No Jasmine! Don't hide!" "Too late!" She opened her door and shut it and I ran up there. I opened her door but didn't find her.

*Jasmine's POV*

"Oohh I wonder where Jasmine is, I bet she would love to see me shirtless right now." Don't fall for it. Don't fall for it. I was hiding in my big closet that I have and I was in the way back. "Wow, your good. I guess I'll just leave and go downstairs to watch the movies by myself. And maybe I'll drink all your root beer, and for a bonus I'll be shirtless. Did I say shirtless? Yes I did! I'M GONNA BE SHIRTLESS. I'M GONNA BE SHIRTLESS!" Wow Taylor really wanted me to get out of my hiding spot. He sucks at playing hide and seek. I really wanted to see him shirtless but I had to win this game. "Okay, I'll be leaving now. Shirtless!" God hes soo good. I heard the door shut but I wasn't sure if he was out. Then I heard him walking down the stairs. I was free to go! I opened my closet door and looked around and he was gone. I decided to put a bandana on and I put his shirt on that he left up here. I guess he wasn't kidding about being shirtless. His shirt smelt so good! I text Taylor and told him to come upstairs. I opened my window and walk out to my balcony. I heard my door open and I turned away and he saw me. He smiled and I did too.  I mean, seeing Taylor Caniff shirtless in front of me is so damn hot. It was around 8 p.m. and it was still nice outside. He put his arm around me and pulled me closer. I put my arms around him and hugged him. I want to enjoy this moment right now. "Hey, you look pretty hot in my shirt." "Oohh thanks Taylor, you look pretty hot shirtless." We both looked at each other and smiled. I wanted to take a picture with him. "Hey, lets take a picture!" "Okay!" We grabbed both of our phones and I took a picture on my phone and he took a picture on his. We stayed in our position where his arm was around me and my arms were too. "Thats going to be my lock screen." "Mine too." He looked at me and then he changed his lock screen to that picture. Then he sent it to me and I set it to my lockscreen.

*Taylor's POV*

This night is so awesome! I get to spend it with Jasmine! She had my shirt on and she had a bandana on. She looked finee! I looked out from the balcony and it was a great view. "My balcony has such a great view." "Thank you." I said laughing. "Your funny Taylor." "I am!" We both laughed for so long then we both looked at each other. I really wanted to kiss her right now. Maybe I should. "Hey, guess what!" "What?" She looked at me confused. "Your gonna love this." "Uhh?" I looked at her and smiled and I leaned down and our lips connected. It felt good. She smiled while we were kissing. I actually started to blush. She pulled away and looked at me. "Thats one point for me." "NO! Only I can do that!" "Well to bad." I looked at her lips because I wanted more. "You want more?" "Yeah!" "Okay, only if you catch me!" She ran into her room and I heard her go down the stairs. Wow! Shes too good. We need to date! This is the kind of relationship I want! I ran after her and I found her in the kitchen. We were separated by the island she had. "Hey, you! Come here!" "Nah, You have to catch me." She ran to the left and I caught her lifted her up bridal style. "Not so fast Jasmine, You do know I'm faster than you." "Yeah but I played easy because I wanted more too." She grabbed my face and we starting kissing again.

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