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*Kali's POV*

It was 2:30p.m. and I was bored out of my mind. I decided to go find Hayes. He was probably in the guest room with Nash. "Nash, is Hayes in there?" "Noo. Hes not here sorry." "Nash open the door." "Okay fine." He opened the door and I looked around but no Hayes. "Told you he wasn't in here." "Then where is he?" "A place called I don't know." "Nash, please where is he?" "No seriously, I don't know. I though he was with you." "Obviously not." "I'll call him then." "Thanks Nash." I started to worry but he probably just went out for a walk or something. I heard a ringing and it was coming from my room. Nash walked out of the guest room and walked into my room. He came out with Hayes's phone. What? He always has his phone with him. I started to really worry. "Nash, where do you think he went?" "I don't know Kali, but we'll find him." I started to cry because I didn't know where he was. "Oohh Kali, you don't have to cry, please. Were going to find him." "I hope so!" "We will!" Nash hugged me and I felt better. We will find Hayes soon.

*Hayes POV*

I felt bad for not telling Kali or Nash where I was going but I needed to get something done. I wanted to buy Kali a promise ring even though we just started dating. I loved her. She seems like the one for me. I found a ring store and walked in. I saw a lot of rings but one caught my eye. It was so beautiful. The diamond was a light green and it shined in the light. The ring had engraving on the inside. It read: 'Love.' This is definitely the one for her. I got my money out and ask for that one that I'm sure she would like. "I would like the light green one with the engraving in it." "Here you go sir, would that be all?" "Yes thank you." I handed him the money and he gave me the small box with the ring in it. She will love it! I got in my car and started heading to Kali's. I got to her house and walked in the front door. "Hello? Anyone home?" No one answered. I saw my phone on the counter and a note by it. It read: 'Hayes, if you come back, please call me! -Nash' I did what the note said and called Nash.

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