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*Cameron's POV*

We were in line for the Hades ride. The line was long but we were almost at the beginning. I was in front of all the guys. "Hello, sir, would you like to go on? Theres one more spot." "No, I'll wait because I want to go with my friends." "Alright." I heard laughing from behind me and I turned around. Jasmine was laughing really hard and I don't know why. "What happened?" "Aaron just texted Kali and told her he liked her and she believed it and then Matt called her and said 'Just kidding hoe. He don't like you!'" Nash said. "Omg guys!" Jasmine started to calm down. "NEXT." It was finally our turn to go on the ride. I sat next to Nash and Matt. Jasmine sat next to Taylor and Mahogany. The Jacks sat next to Carter. Aaron sat next to Jacob, Shawn and Hayes.

*Skip the ride.*

We all got off and it was amazing. That ride was the best! "That was freaking awesome!" "I know right!" Nash and Matt were talking to each other. Jacob came up to me then. "Can I talk to you alone?" "Umm sure." We walked away from the group and he started talking. "I like someone from the group." I looked at him strange. "Who?!" "I swear you can't tell anyone." "Okay okay who do you like?" "Jasmine maybe." "Jacob, no you can't." "I know but shes amazing." "Yeah I know but you really shouldn't." "Please don't tell Taylor." "I won't okay." "Okay thank you." We walked back to the group and Nash looked at us weird. "Whats going on?" "I was just telling Cameron that I might get another guitar." "Funny how you couldn't tell the rest of us." Taylor said. Jacob looked worried. We all just went back to the hotel and went to our rooms. I started thinking about what Jacob said. He liked Jasmine. Thats another name to add to the list. Taylor liked her of course and no one knows that I still do. Everyone thinks I got over her but I didn't. I mean shes stunning and gorgeous and I would love to have her but I do respect that shes with Taylor. I got over the fact they were dating but I never got over the fact that I still liked her.

*Jacob's POV*

I liked Jasmine because she was funny and smart. "So Jacob, we haven't really gotten to know each other." I turned around and it was Jasmine. I smiled. "Yeah hey whats up?" "Oohh not much just thinking about things." "What about?" "About Cameron and Taylor, like does Cameron still like me do you know?" "I wouldn't know but I know who does." "Who?" "Please don't tell Taylor!" "Okay I won't." "Its me." "Jacob, are you serious?" "Yes." "I would have never guessed." "I try to hide it so no one finds out." "Well, I won't tell anyone." "Thanks." I said and I gave her a hug. I know it didn't mean anything to her but for me, just a little bit. We were both walking around the hotel hallways talking. "Well, I'm gonna go back to my room and get ready for Magcon day 2." "Okay bye Jasmine." She waved goodbye and walked off.

*Taylor's POV*

Jasmine was walking around the hotel with Jacob, getting to know him. I think he likes her but I don't want to jump to conclusion. I was just laying on the bed relaxing when Jasmine walked in. "Hey babe." "Hey.." She just walked into the bathroom and sat in there. "Jasmine, are you okay?" "What, yeah I'm fine." What happened? I had no idea but I had to find out. I walked out of the hotel room and walked to the boys room. "Guys open up." Cameron opened the door. "Whats going on?" Cameron asked. "Theres something wrong with Jasmine and the last one to talk to her was Jacob so where is he." "Hes in the kitchen." I walked over to the kitchen where he was talking to Mahogany. "What did you and Jasmine talk about?" He turned around and looked at me nervous. "What are you talking about Taylor." "Jacob, you know what I'm talking about so what happened?" "We were just talking about how you two are dating." "Why." "I dont know." He wasn't telling me something and I knew it. "I know your not telling me something and I will find out sooner or later." I walked off and went into the guys room. "What happened?" Nash said. "All I'm asking is for all of you to stay out of my relationship. I really like her and I'm with her." I turned around and looked at Jacob. "That goes for you too." I walked out and went back to my room. Jasmine was laying on the bed on her phone. My phone buzzed and I looked at it. I saw a tweet that Jasmine recently said. 'I just saw a hot guy walk into my hotel room(;' I looked up and smiled. She patted the bed next to her and I walked over to her and layed next to her. "What happened earlier?" She looked at me and then at her phone. "I promised I wouldn't tell you." I was kind of mad now. "Tell me what." I said a little angry. She knew I was getting mad. "Taylor please don't tell anyone I told you this." "Okay just tell me." "Someone else from the group likes me." Of course. "Who." "You promise not to tell because once I tell you just forget about it because its never gonna happen because I only want you." "Babe, tell me." "Its Jacob." I freaking knew it. Now it makes sense. He told Cameron because he knew Cameron would never tell me. I was getting more mad then ever because we already had this happen with Cameron. "Dont worry I won't tell but I'm mad because now 2 of the boys like you not including me." She looked at me weird. "Who else likes me?" "Its obvious, Cameron still does." "I though he stopped." "No he didnt, I mean how could he, you're gorgeous." She started to blush which I found completely hot. "Thanks." "Your welcome." I said and I got closer to her and wrapped my arm around her. I checked the time and it was already 3. "Ughh." "What?" "Magcon is an hour away." "Omg I need to get ready!" She said jumping out of the bed. She got up and grabbed her clothes and went into the bathroom. I heard the shower running so I decided to go to the boys room quickly. "Cameron open the door." He opened it and let me in. "Anyone want to tell me anything that they aren't telling me?" I turned and looked at Jacob. "Anything from you that your not telling me." "No." "Sure you don't." I walked up to him and got close. "I already know but I wanted to see if you would confess up to it." He looked from me to Cameron. I looked at Cameron. "I still know too. Theres no hiding it because we all know." "What?" He said. "I know you still like Jasmine. Its obvious." "Taylor I-" "Just stay out of it." I turned back to Jacob. "You stay out of it too. Didn't you hear what I said earlier? I really like her and whos the one that has her? Yeah me so please just stay out of it." "I wasn't going to do anything because I knew what would have happened." "Exactly." I turned around and looked at everyone else. "Its definitely my last night tonight." "Taylor please don't." Aaron said. "Aaron, I already told Bart I was leaving." I walked out and went back to my room to get ready.

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