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*Carter's POV*

So today I met a chick named Jasmine and she seems chill. "Hey, Matt, how long have you known Jasmine?" "For 2 days and were really good friends now." "Ohh I see, and what happened with Cameron, Taylor and her?" "Okay so Cameron took Jasmine to the beach and I went to the beach the same day to check it out and I saw Cam and this chick and I suprised her when she turned around and we were talking about Magcon and I asked her if she was going and she said she was because Taylor got her a ticket and she said that he was sweet and then Cameron got up and walked off. We thought he was mad because we were talking about Taylor but little did we know that he was getting a dinner reservation ready for her and him at this fancy hotel called Hotel Mead and she was crying really hard and Taylor came back from Dillon's house to take care of her and then Nash texted Taylor to have Jasmine get ready for the dinner but she didnt know about it. Then Taylor took Jasmine to Kali's house where Cameron was waiting for her with flowers but Jasmine didn't go to dinner with him and he put her through pain as she said and then she walked home and Taylor asked her out really sweetly and nicely I think." "Oohh damn, I feel bad for Cameron. He got rejected by the girl he likes and how did Taylor ask her?" "I think he put notes around and the notes said directions on what to do. He got her flowers, a ticket to the next magcon, he made brownies and got her a root beer and a ring and he decorated her whole room with rose pedals and flowers." "Wow, Taylor must really like her, I can't remember him doing that ever for his past girlfriends." "Me neither." "Well, I think they look cute together." "I do too." "Wait, what about this Kali chick?" "Oohh shes weird, like she fangirls about Hayes when shes with him and shes too crazy I think." "And we have to deal with her?" "Yeah, this whole weekend." "Fantastic." I really don't want to meet this Kali chick. She would just starting screaming and crying because she sees us. I mean, all the fangirls do that but Jasmine doesn't do it. Thats why I don't mind hanging around her. Shes chill about hanging out with us guys. We were at the hotel checking out when I saw Jasmine walking into the hotel. "Jasmine, what are you doing here?" "I snuck out of my house to come see you guys." "Well hi, whats up?" "I need to know what Taylor likes." "He likes bandanas." "I know and I already got him a bunch of them." "He also likes tank tops, like the ones he wears." "Okay and I'm thinking of making him a shirt that he can sell, The front would say 'TIME TO GET BUCKWILD' and the back would say 'GOOD TIMES AND GOOD VIBES' and underneath that it would say his name." "Thats actually a good idea, when are you making it?" "I'm going to in the dells because they have a shop where you can customize t-shirts." "Oohh sweet." "Oohh and when Matt gets down here, tell him the whole plan and that he has to keep Taylor company when I make the shirt." She looked down at her phone. "Got to go Carter! Taylors calling me probably wondering where I'm at." "Alright later!" "Don't forget to tell Matt!" She said while running out of the hotel. "I won't." I yelled back. "You won't what?" I turned around and saw Matt. I told him the whole plan and he seemed excited about it.

*Jasmine's POV*

I answered my phone.

~Phone Conv with Taylor~

Me: Hello?

Taylor: Babe! Where are you? I'm worried sick!

Me:Taylor, its fine. I went to see Carter to ask him something.

Taylor: What did you ask him?

Me: That I can't tell you because its a suprise so can you just grab my bag and come pick me up from the hotel?

Taylor: Sure babe, but next time please tell me where your going.

Me: I would have but its a suprise for you.

Taylor: Well it better be a good suprise because I was worried about you.

Me: Ohh you'll love it.

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