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*Nash's POV*

We finally arrived at the beach. I saw Jasmine and Matt sitting together but no Cameron. Where is he? I ran up to Jasmine. "Jasmine!" "Omg Nash! I actually need to talk you!" "Okay yeah, lets go over here.—— Okay so whats up?" "I need help picking, like for real. I don't know where Cameron went. He just stormed off mad I think." "Well what happen for him to do that?" "I was saying how Taylor was sweet." "Oohh I see, well first, we have to find him." "Okay." We looked around everywhere but no Cameron. Where the hell is he? I decided to call him. The phone ringed but no answer. "I just tried calling him but he didn't answer." Jasmine looked at me and started crying. She just lost it. "Jasmine! Don't cry, please!" I said hugging her. She was crying in my shirt but I didn't care. It was an old shirt. I turned around to see what Hayes and Kali were doing. They were swimming with Matt. "Jasmine, we will find him trust me. I think you need to go home and calm down. Have Taylor come over, he'll make you feel better." "He's at Dillion's." "I'm sure if I told him that you were crying really hard and that he should take care of you, I'm sure he would come." "Okay. Thanks Nash, your really a lifesaver." "I try my best." "I'm glad I have a friend like you." "Me too." "If you find Cameron, please tell me. He was suppose to take me out to dinner at the hotel mead at 7." I looked at the time. It was 5:32. "Heres what were going to do, we'll tell Kali, Hayes and Matt that your going to go home and I'll take you there." "Okay sounds good." We walked to the others and they looked concerned. Kali came running. "Jasmine, whats wrong?" "Nash will explain everything later, I'm going home." Hayes looked at Jasmine with a concerned face. "Wheres Cam?" "I don't know." Jasmine said. I could tell Hayes needed to tell Jasmine something.

*Hayes's POV*

"Jasmine, can I talk to you quick?" "Umm sure." I looked at Kali. "I'll be right back Kay." "Alright." Jasmine and I walked away from the group. I decided I needed to tell her what Taylor said and then what Cameron said. "So what do you have to tell me?" "I need to show you the text messages between Taylor and I." She looked at me concerned and sad. "Its not bad, trust me." I pulled my phone from my pocket and got to the text messages between Taylor and I. I strolled up to the part where he said he feels like he can be with Jasmine for the rest of his life. I gave her my phone and she started reading. Her eyes lit up and a smiled went across her face. She was obviously happy to hear that Taylor cares a lot about her. "Awww this is sweet." "But Cameron said something about it too." "What was it?" "He said something like how whenever he likes a girl, Taylor would already like her and that he always got the girl." "Oohh jeez. This is going to be hard." "I know." I saw Nash look at us. "Hey, Nash is going to take you home now, if you need anyone to talk to, you know where I'm at." "Thanks Hayes." We walked back and Nash and Jasmine said bye to us. I went by Kali and wrapped my arms around her.

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