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*Taylor's POV*

We were at Applebees and I told Jasmine I needed to talk to her. Shes probably freaking out thinking she did something wrong like must girls do but she didn't do anything wrong. I needed to talk to her about Magcon and whats going to happen afterwards. The waitress took us to our table and asked us what we wanted to drink. "I'll have a mountain dew and she will have a root beer." I looked at her and smiled. She smiled back. I knew she was going to order root beer no matter what. Its her favorite soda of all time. "Okay, I've been meaning to talk to you for awhile about something." She looked at me worried and concerned. "Yeah? What about?" "Well Magcon is tomorrow and I know we will have a blast and all but then afterwards..." "What are we going to do after Magcon?" "Thats where the big question comes in and I know the question is major but I have to ask." "Okay, Uhh whats the question?" "Jasmine, will you be willing to move in with me?" She looked shocked and suprised. "Taylor, I---" "You have time to think about it, you don't have to answer it now." "Are you kidding me? I would love too!" I looked at her and smiled wide. She got up and hugged me. I decided to tell everyone in Applebees. "HEY GUYS! I JUST ASKED MY GIRLFRIEND TO MOVE IN WITH ME AND SHE SAID YES." Everyone started clapping and she started blushing. "Love you Jasmine!" "Love you too." We finally decided what we wanted to eat and we ordered our food. "Wait, Taylor. What about when you leave and go on tour and other Magcons?" "You would come with me to all of them." "Would you be able to get tickets everytime for me?" "No.." "Then how would I be able to come?" "You could ask to be a guest for Magcon." "Can you ask them? They know you not me." "Sure I can ask, I'm sure they will say yes because they need a few guests anyways." "What would I do as a guest?" "You would basically help us boys out like if we need more merchanise on the table or if we need any water or in my case, a kiss." She looked at me and smiled. "Sounds wonderful, especially the last part." "I like the last part the most." I said winking at her. She started laughing and I did too. I checked the time and it was 12:32p.m. "Hey, what time do we have to be at the movies?" "1:00." "Oohh okay we have a half an hour left." "Okay I'm done eating already so I'm set." "Any dessert?""Oohh god no. I'm too softed." "Alright lets wait for the check then." The waitress came with the check and I payed and we left. "Well, we have time, what do you want to do?" "We could get some boxes from Wal-mart since were right here for your room to get packed up." "Good idea lets go." I always had good ideas. We got to Wal-mart and I went up to one of the workers. "Do you guys happen to have boxes we could use to pack, my girlfriend here is moving in with me next week and we need some boxes." "Oohh sure, we have three big boxes left over from today, you can have those ones." "Oohh that would be great, thank you." We walked with the guy to the back and grabbed the three boxes. Jasmine grabbed one of them and I grabbed the other two. We walked outside and I put the boxes in the back of my range rover. "Hey Jasmine, you need to vine something. I had an idea." "Give me your phone then." "Okay. Here." She grabbed my phone and started the vine. The vine: I walked up to the little slot where they put the carts and I tipped them over. "Wasn't me." She was laughing so hard. She uploaded the vine and tagged herself in it. "Wow Taylor, that was hilarious!" "I know. I love doing stuff like that." I checked the time on my phone and it was already 12:49. "Well, we better get to the movie theater or we will be late." "Okay lets go, and when we get there, I want to take a group selfie of all of us." I looked at her and smiled. "How much do girls like taking selfies?" "A lot but I want a group photo of everyone to print out." "Oohh I see and where is that going to go?" "I don't know, in my new bedroom at your house?" "Its not my house, its ours." "What about your parents?" "Oohh, I'm not talking about my parents house in Indiana, I'm talking about a house I just brought for us in San Diego." "Omg Taylor! I always wanted to live in San Diego! Thank you so much!" "Your welcome babe, I knew you would love San Diego because you hate the cold so I thought San Diego would be prefect for you." "Well, you picked good." I leaned over and kissed her cheek. "So wheres the movie theater?" "On the other side of town." "Well, you better call someone and tell them were going to be a little late." "Alright." I looked over and she was calling Nash. She put it on speaker.

~Phone Conv~

Nash: Hello?

Jasmine: Hey Nash, were going to be a little bit late to the movie theater.

Nash: Oohh thats fine.

Me: What movies are playing today?

Nash: Theres some scary ones and funny ones, you'll have to see when you get here. Theres a few good ones but were waiting for you guys to get here to actually pick out the movie.

Jasmine: Alright thanks Nash! We'll be there soon, in like 10 minutes.

Nash: Alright see you guys soon and Jasmine, you still want to go shopping after the movie?

Jasmine: Yeah! Definitely.

Nash: Alright cool.

Me: Well see you soon bro.

Nash: Yep see you.

Jasmine: Bye.

~End of Phone Conv~

"Where we going shopping?" "I had an idea, after the movie I was thinking that everyone gets there stuff that they brought and to go get it and then we would all head out to the dells to go shopping and get a hotel there for the night." "Alright sounds good to me." "Good." We finally got to the movie theater and they were all standing outside. I parked my car and I helped Jasmine out. We hooked our hands together and walked to them all. "Hey guys whats up." "Yo Taylor, its been awhile." Matt said. We both hugged. Jasmine ran up to Matt and hugged him. "Hey Jasmine! Hows it going?" "Omg its going really good, I don't know if you know but Taylor and I are together."  She turned around and came and hugged me. "Awww you guys are cute!" "Thanks Matt." I saw Cameron and he was talking to Nash. "Jasmine, I'll be right back." I walked up to Nash and Cameron. I looked at Cameron again. "You okay?" "Oohh yeah I'm fine, its hard sometimes but I got to respect your relationship." "Thanks man." "Your welcome, now how about we go watch a movie!" "Yeah, HEY GUYS LETS GO! TIME FOR A MOVIE." Jasmine came running to me and I wrapped my arm around her. "I want to watch a scary movie." I looked at her suprised. "You get scared easily." "Yeah but I love scary movies." "Alright. Hey guys, Jasmine wants to watch a scary movie." "Alright sounds good for me." Nash said. "Yeah thats fine." Matt and Cameron said. "Can the asian pick the movie?" "Carter, pick a scary movie!" Jasmine said. "Alright. I have good taste in scary movies." "Good." Carter picked ended up picking the conjuring. The movie Jasmine and I rented but never watched. "Now we can finally watch it babe." "I know and I can't wait even though I probably will hide my eyes through the whole movie." "Not if you sit by me, I'll make sure you watch the whole thing." Nash told her. "Funny Nash." She responded back. We brought our tickets and grabbed popcorn and sodas for the movie. Cameron was talking to Matt and Jasmine ran up to both of them. "Are you guys ready to get scared?" "Pshh yeah, I'm not going to get scared." Matt said. I ran up to them. "Thats what you say now Matt but you just wait." "What about you Cam?" "I can probably deal with it." Jasmine and Cameron weren't talking which makes it weird. He keeps looking at her but they don't say a word. I'm guessing she feels awkward and shy to say anything. "Jasmine, came here." "Yeah what?" "Did you say sorry to Cameron?" "Yeah but its weird right now." "Don't make it weird because I'm sure its weird for everyone else." "Okay, I'll go talk to him." "Alright good, thank you." I kissed her on the lips and she ran to Cameron.

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