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*Taylor's POV*

We were all walking downtown of the dells when I saw a candy shop. "Guys look! Its candy!" They all ran to the store but Jasmine. "Babe, do you want some candy, I'll get you some." "Nah, thats fine. I have something to take care of so you go ahead." "Where are you going?" "To a place now go join the other boys." "Jasmine, whats going on." She got really close to me and grabbed my hands. "Taylor, I can't tell you right now but I promise you'll find out." She then leaned up and kissed me and pushed me into the candy store. "Matt, watch Taylor please." "Got it." Matt said walking towards me. "Matt, whats going on with Jasmine?" "She just has to do something at a store." "Whatever." I walked around the shop looking at all sorts of candy. I got some for Jasmine and I to share later. I was so worried about her right now. Not knowing where she is kind of scares me because theres a lot of people in the dells. Someone could kidnap her and I wouldn't know. We left the candy shop and went to a clothes store. I brought two tank tops that said 'Hes mine and shes mine' for Jasmine and I. She would love it. I looked outside of the store and looked around to see if I could find Jasmine. I didn't see her. My stomach hurt so bad because she wasn't here with me. "Guys, I want to customize a shirt." "Not yet Taylor." Matt said. "Why not?" "Because the other guys want to buy some shoes." "Fine but after the shoe store I'm going to make a shirt." "Uhh okay." Matt said nervously. What was up with him? Cameron and Nash were walking into the shoe store and I saw these cute vans that Jasmine would love. They were lime green and she loves the color. I got them for her and I got a blue pair for me. My phone vibrated and I saw that I got a text from Jasmine. She told me to come to the customized t-shirt store. I ran out of the shoe store and ran to the t- shirt store. I saw Jasmine in the store sitting on the bench inside. "Babe." "Taylor!" She got up and ran to me. She jumped on me and hugged me. Her legs were wrapped around my waist. I moved her head and we were looking at each other. "You're eyes are beautiful." "Thanks, and I could look into your eyes all day." I kissed her on the cheek and I put her down. I turned around and saw the boys behind us. "How long were you guys standing there?" "For a good 5 minutes." Cameron said laughing. "Were heading back to the hotel, its already 7." Nash said. "Okay we will be there soon." "Then were going to play truth or dare." Carter said. "Alright sounds good to me!" They all left and we were still in the t-shirt shop. "Here, I got you something." "Aww thanks Taylor!" I went behind her and wrapped my arms around her waist. She looked inside the bag and pulled out the tank top and her new vans. "Omg Taylor! I love it!" "Good, and I got myself a tank top that saids shes mine." "Awww your cute!" She looked up and kissed me on the lips. I kissed her back. We pulled away at the same time and she handed me a bag. I pulled the shirt out and it was amazing! "Jasmine, this is cool! Thanks!" "Your welcome." I hugged her tight and we then left to head to the hotel. We got to the hotel and went to our room to put our stuff away. We headed to Nash's room and everyone was already in there. "Hey guys!" "Alright lets play some truth or dare!" Carter yelled. We all sat in a circle and Jasmine sat on my lap. I wrapped my arms around her and she placed her hands on my arms. "Alright, I'll start!" Nash said. "Cam, truth or dare?" "Truth." "Are you ready for Magcon?" "Yeah definitely. Okay Taylor, truth or dare?" "Dare!" "I dare you to take Jasmine to the bed and do whatever you want to her." Jasmine turned around and smiled. She got up and I pulled her to the bed. I decided to make her blush. I took my shirt off and got off the bed. "Play grind on me." Matt played the song and I walked slowly to her. The part came and I did it. I stopped and started kissing her. We were basically making out and then we were interrupted. "Get a room guys damn!" Hayes said. I pulled away and looked at her. She was smiling. I mouthed to her that I loved her. She nodded and smiled. We got back in the circle and it was my turn. "Jasmine, truth or dare." "Truth." "How much do you love me?" "Taylor, words can't even explain how much I do. You've changed my life and I love you." "Awwww." All the boys said. Even Cameron did. I was suprised. Maybe he didn't like her anymore which is awesome but maybe he still does. I don't even know but it doesn't matter because I'm happy with her. "Shut up guys." Jasmine said. She got up and pulled me with. "Can we leave, I want to spend time with you alone." "Oohh sure!" We walked back to the guys. "Were heading out guys." "Okay, wait. Jasmine can I talk to you?" It was Cameron.

*Jasmine's POV*

Cameron wanted to talk to me. We haven't really been talking since Taylor and I started dating. "Oohh sure whats up?" He pulled me to the other room and we were alone. "What did you need Cam?" "I want you." I stepped back. "Cam, you know I'm with Taylor now." "I know but I still have feelings for you." "Cameron, I'm sorry but I love Taylor." "And I love you." I wanted to be good friends with Cameron but not like dating him because I have Taylor. I loved Taylor and I couldn't leave him. "Cameron, you need to understand that I'm with Tay-" I was cut off because he was kissing me. I pushed him away and looked at him. "What the hell Cam!" "Jasmine, I'm sorry its just I've missed them so much." He looked disappointed and I had to tell Taylor. I ran out and sat in the hallway. "TAYLOR COME HERE!" He ran out of our room looking worried. "Babe, whats wrong?!" He ran to me and picked me up bridal style which I found instanely hot. "Its Cameron, he told me he wanted me and that he still had feelings for me and then he freaking kissed me Taylor. He kissed me." He tighten his arms around my legs and I knew he was mad. He looked more angry then ever. "Did you kiss back?" "Noo! I pushed him away and I kept telling him that I'm with you and that I loved you not him." He put me down and walked inside the hotel room. He walked right to Cameron and pushed him down. "If you ever kiss my girlfriend again I swear to god it won't end good for you." "Woo bro, stop!" Nash said. Taylor looked at Nash angry. "No, he kissed her and he knows were together." He turned back to Cameron. "Never, I mean NEVER think about hanging around Jasmine or even try kissing her again. As of right now, after this Magcon, I'm done. I'm leaving and never coming back." Cameron just looked disappointed again. He should have never kissed me. Taylor walked out and grabbed my arm dragging me with him. We got in the hotel room and he spammed the door. I was leaning on the door and he had his arms against the door. I was sort of trapped by his arms which for me wasn't a big deal because he looked so hot when he was mad. He looked at the ground then back at me. I didn't know what was happening. I looked into his eyes and I knew that he wanted something. "Taylor, what do you want?" "Babe, I was mad that he kissed you because thats my job." He looked down and smiled. "What are you saying then?" "I'm saying that I want you tonight." "Taylor I-" I was cut off when he took his shirt off. I died in the inside because a Taylor Caniff shirtless is always a good thing to see. "Jasmine, you know you want this." "Yeah I know I do but I don't think I'm ready for this." "What about now." He leaned in and kissed me. It was amazing. He still had his arms against the door. I put my hands on his abs and started to rub them. He smiled and put his hands on my hips. He squeezed my hips and I grabbed his arms. He pulled away and looked at me. I smiled and got close to him. I wrapped my arms around his neck and looked into his eyes. He wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me even closer. Our chest were touching and we were staring at each other. "What do I need to do to get you?" "Nothing." I said smiling. I moved and got some clothes out of my suitcase. "Can I watch you undress?" "Taylor! No you can't." "But babeee I want you so bad right now." I turned around and he was sitting on the bed. I put my pajamas on the counter and looked at him. I walked slowly to him and pushed him on the bed. I got on top of him and started kissing him. He had his hands on my hips again and he was squeezing them again. I decided to tease him. I put my hands on his belt and I started to undo it. He squeezed my hips harder. I grabbed his arms and put them behind his head. I stopped kissing him and I whispered in his ear. "Maybe later tonight." I got up and walked to the bathroom to change. I changed into my short shorts and a tank top. I was teasing him so bad and it was funny. I walked out and he was laying on the bed still. I closed the bathroom door to get his attention. He looked up and then checked me out. "Babe, come here." "Nah, I'm good here." I said sitting on the ground. "No, thats not how it works for me." He got up and started walking towards me. I got up and ran away from him. He looked at me and gave me a smirk. "Your to good babe, now come here because you look hot as hell in those shorts." "And what are you going to do if you can't catch me?" He started laughing. "Babe, I will catch you because you're mine tonight." His sexy voice was hot as hell. "Taylor, come here." He gave me another smirk and started walking towards me. "Yeah babe?" "You want me tonight?" He started to blush and he smiled. He grabbed my hands and held them. "Yeah I do."I was going to say something but he threw me on the bed. "You know babe, I'm reckless and I want you so bad right now." He was hovering over me. "And I don't care that you reckless but I love you." "Babee what are you saying?" "You get what you want tonight." He smiled and started kissing me. He kissed my neck many time which I loved. I started rubbing his abs and I turned him around so I was on top. I sat on him and he looked at me. He grabbed my shirt and looked at me again. "Yes." He took my shirt off and threw it on the ground. I leaned down and our lips connected. He turned me around so I was now on the bottom. "I get control tonight." "Whatever you want." I said between kisses. We didn't go all the way. "Jasmine, I know we didn't go all the way but that was amazing. "Tay, thats fine. I love you." He got off of me and layed next to me. He got one of his shirts and he put it on me. It smelt so good. I layed next to him really close and fell asleep.

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