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We headed to Kali's house so she could pack. I helped her grab all her merchanise that she got. She packed all different colors of shorts and vans. She packed 4 beanies and 3 bandanas. She grabbed some hair ties and bobbie pins for her hair. She packed 3 head bands. She grabbed one of her toothbrushes and her make-up that she needed. I grabbed 6 different color tank tops and 3 pairs of flipflops for her. She was ready. "Glad thats done." "Haha yeah me too!" "Hey I'm hungry. I need food." "Okay hold on, I got you" Kali walked downstairs and I decided to jump on her bed. Her bed was super soft and heavy so there was no way I was gonna break it. She walked back in with three brownies. "Kali, you know me to well!" "Guess whats inside the brownies?" "Please dont tell me theres m&m's!" "Well you just answered the question!" "Yes m&m brownies!" "Hey lets go for a walk." "Okay!" Kali and I walked to the lake and I grabbed my phone and put buckwild on. This is my favorite song of all time!

'We gonna party buckwild.

Look at shawty buckwild.

Take a shot. Pour a lot.

Yeah, yeah were buckwild.'

"Man, this song never gets old." "I know right!" The rap part came on and Kali and I killed it! Not missing one word. We stopped singing because we love hearing the boys together singing the chorus. Then I heard a voice singing that part. "KALI! Stop singing, remember?" "What are you talking about, I'm not singing." "Then who is?!" "I DONT KNOW MAYBE GOD!" "Kali your dumb." "Theres no one hear so its obviously god singing to us!" "Actually I'm here." Who was that? I turned around and saw the one and only Taylor Caniff standing in front of us. I was shocked, so shocked I blacked out.

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