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*Cameron's POV*

I was walking by Nash and Matt when Jasmine came running to us. "Hey Cameron!" "Hey Jasmine whats up?" "Not much just getting some soda." "Your not going to eat popcorn?" "Oohh, Taylors getting it for us." "Oohh, how are you guys doing so far?" "Oohh we're great. Hes really nice to me." "Yeah I know, he never stops talking about you and I know for fact he likes you a lot because hes never acted this way before around a girl." "Well thats good! But are you okay?" "Jasmine, its fine. You guys are really cute together and I'm not going to ruin it for you. If your happy with him then I'm happy for you." "Awwe thanks Cam!" She hugged me tight and I hugged her back. "Babe, I got the popcorn." "Alright! Whos ready to be scared for life?" "Nah, that will just be you." "Haha shut up Nash." "Wait, whos sitting by who?" Jasmine looked up from her soda and got in front of all of us. "I got this, the order will go Carter, Matt, Nash, Cameron, Me, and Taylor." Thats sounds good for me.

*Nash's POV*

"But Jasmine, I wanted to sit by you!" "Then ask Cameron if its fine to switch seats." "Cameron, wanna switch seats please?" I said with puppy dog eyes. "Fine." "Thanks man!" We all got in the movie theater and sat in our order. I freaking hate the previews. I just wanted the movie to start because I've never seen it. "Jasmine, where we going shopping?" "I was thinking everyone grabs there luggage that they brought with them here and then head to the dells so then we're already there for Magcon tomorrow. And plus, the dells has great stores!" "Alright sounds good for me. I'll text Hayes to tell him and Kali to get there stuff together." "Alright and tell them too." She said pointing to Cameron, Matt, and Carter. I leaned over so they could all here me. "Guy, when the movie is finished, go back to your hotel room and grab all your luggage that you brought with because we're all going to head to the dells to shop." "Are we just going to get a hotel there then?" Carter said. "Yeah so its easier for us because then were aleady in the dells for Magcon tomorrow." "Alright so whos driving with who?" "Jasmine is riding with Taylor of course." "Wait, are they dating?" Carter looked so confused. "Carter, they've been dating." "Jeez where have I been? No one told me." "Okay back to the topic, Jasmine is going with Taylor, Cameron, Hayes and Kali are coming with me and then Matt can go with Carter. Sound good?" Carter looked confused again. "Gosh, now whos Kali?!" "Hayes's girlfriend." "God, I need to keep up with this!" I started laughing and Jasmine poked me. "Whats Carter laughing about?" "He didn't know that you and Taylor were dating." "Omg hes dumb." "Okay, so everything is figured out for the dells. I will just text you when we get to the dells and we will tell you what hotel we're in so Taylor and you know." "Okay sounds good." The lights started to go down so the movie was finally starting. The music was so creepy and cool sounding. The film started off with three people on the couch talking to two older people. Then I saw a doll. God I hate dolls. They scare me so I'm guessing this movie will scare me now. Damn it. I looked around and Jasmine and Taylor were holding hands. How cute they are! I'm so happy for Jasmine because she truely loves him. Taylor has never really had a decent relationship but now since he met Jasmine, things seem to be going along good for him and her. Its honestly so cute. I looked back at the movie and there was now this couple moving into this big old looking house. That house looks creepy as hell. There was like 5 girls I think. I feel bad for the husband, no son.

*2 HOURS LATER* (sorry, I didn't want to explain the whole movie.)

The movie finally ended and I was scared as hell. Jasmine was really close to Taylor and Matt was curled up in his seat. Taylor leaned over and starting laughing. "I told you Matt! I told you!" "I never want to see that movie again." "It wasn't that scary." Carter said. "Asian don't get scared at all." I said. "Carter's mom does!" Jasmine yelled. Cameron started yelling too."CARTER DONT DO THAT, CARTER STOP IT." Everyone was laughing so hard. We walked out of the movie theater still laughing. "Alright guys, I will see you all in the dells!" "Bye Nash!" Jasmine said while running to hug me. "I will see you in like 4 hours." "Okay. See you!" Jasmine ran back to Taylor and he wrapped his arm around her. Carter was watching too. "They do look cute together, how did this happen?" "Oohh buddy, its a long story, I don't have time to explain but maybe Cameron will." "How would he know?" "Because he likes her." "Oohh damn." "I was there too." Matt said. "I need to hear this later but for now, lets get our stuff." "Alright I will see you guys later tonight." "Alright bye Nash." "Later." Cameron and I walked to his car and headed to Kali's house. As we got to her house, Hayes was walking out looking pissed. Cameron jumped out of the car. "Hey, what happened?" "Lets just say, Kali and I are done and shes not going to Magcon anymore." "Bro, what the hell happened?" "Shes too crazy at times because I'm with her and she doesnt do much like she never does anything with me and I just told her it was done because I can't deal with her anymore." "Well, wheres your stuff?" "Right here." He said pulling the bag out from behind him. "Well, were all going to the dells so get in the car and Cameron and I are going to get our stuff." "Alright." We both walked inside and walked straight to the guest room. Kali walked out in tears. "Tell Hayes I'm sorry! Please!" "I would but, he wouldn't care because he said you're too crazy around him." "Cameron please tell him!" "I'm with Nash on this one, you're too crazy." She ran back in her room. "Wow, lets get out of here." We ran down the stairs and get in Cameron's car. I decided to text Jasmine.

~Text Conv~

Me: Were on our way and Kali isn't coming because Hayes broke up with her.

Jasmine: Okay and why?

Me: She was too crazy around him all the time.

Jasmine: Oohh, I can see why because she fangirls over Hayes all the time.

Me: Yeah, well she isnt coming to Magcon so yeah.

Jasmine: Sounds good because that means less drama.

Me: Alright, well, we will see you in a couple of hours.

Jasmine: Alright, see you later.

Me: Bye

~End of Text Conv~

I honestly can't wait to be in the dells. The dells seems like a nice place and plus its summer time and theres waterparks and everything! I might end up staying here for a couple of days after Magcon just to go to the waterparks. I'm sure Jasmine will tell me which ones to go to since shes been to the dells many times before. I decided to take a nap on the way there so I wasn't tried when we go shopping. In less then 5 minutes I was sound asleep.

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