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*Jasmine's POV*

Taylor was chasing me around the house and then someone knocked hard on my door. We both stopped running and looked at each other. "Go upstairs." "No." "Just please!" "Okay!" I went upstairs and sat on my bed. I decided to change because I was getting cold. I put my sweatpants and my Cameron Dallas sweatshirt on. I heard voices so I opened my door a little and started to listen. It was Kali! I ran downstairs and hugged her. "What are you doing here?" "Its what the guys were talking about." "What were they talking about?" "I didn't hear everything but I heard Nash tell Cameron to try and forget about you because he said that hes sure Taylor has you hooked on him now. And Hayes told Cameron that he should forget about you because they all know how Taylor can get when it comes down to a girl he really likes. And this one worried me the most because Cameron said he was going to fight for you." "What in the hell?!" I was kind of angry at Nash because Taylor doesn't have me hooked! I haven't even picked who to be with!  I was just having a normal sleepover with him and they all consider that I'm going to pick him when he stays with me for one night? No, the guy I pick has to impress me and do something that any other guy wouldn't do! "Thats it, I'm going over there." I put hair up because thats what I do when I'm mad. I don't know why but I do. "You look sort of hot when your mad." Taylor said smiling. "Taylor, I'm not in the mood right now." I walked out of the house and Kali and Taylor followed me. I walked down the sidewalk and took my sweatshirt off because it was getting hot. "Hold this." I said shoving the sweatshirt in Kali's face. "Oohh okay." I saw her house and was ready to start yelling. I opened her door and saw no one. Once Kali and Taylor were in, I decided to close the front door hard to get the boys attention. "Whos here?" I heard Hayes say. I only saw Hayes. "Get all of your asses down here right now!" I said yelling. I heard them mumbling. I saw Cameron and Taylor look at each other. Cameron then looked at me and ran to me and hugged me. "Jasmine! Its nice to see you!" "Get off of me right now." Cameron pulled away so fast and he had a confused face. "Nash, what the hell is wrong with you?" "Jasmine, what are you talking about?" "Taylor, doesn't have me hooked! Just because hes spending the night doesn't mean he has me hooked! I just wanted to spend time with him alone for once. I haven't even picked yet!" "Oohh god Jasmine, I'm soo sorry I just know how Taylor can be a real charmer and get girls easily." "Really?! You think its that easy Nash! For your understanding man, She likes to play hard to get! So if you think its easy for me, think again." Taylor said yelling. I had to admit, he was hot when he yelled. Cameron just stood there saying nothing. "Hey, Cameron. Whats up with you fighting for me?" He looked down at the floor. "I actually like you a lot and I wanted you to be with me so I decided if I had to fight for you I will." "Don't even start with that shit bro." Taylor said to Cameron. "Guys! Please don't fight! And just for you two guys, (I said pointing to Taylor and Cameron) if you really want me to be yours then you have to impress me and do something that no other guy would even think about doing to try and get a girl."Like I said, hard to get." Taylor said. I actually starting laughing. "Umm Jasmine, are you still mad at me." Nash said. "No, I guess not but for the future don't say something thats not even true." "Okay thank you!" He ran up to me and gave me a big bear hug. "NASH! I CAN'T BREATHE!" "Oohh sorry Jasmine!" "Hahaha its fine." "Well since its almost 11p.m. , I'm going back home." "Hey one more thing!" It was Cameron. "What." "I wanted to know if you wanted to grab lunch tomorrow." "Oohh sure, umm 1:00 sound good?" "Yeah thats perfect." "Okay bye guys!" Taylor and I walked out and he grabbed me and picked me up bridal style again. God I love him. I started to think about which guy would treat me better. My brain instanely said Taylor but my heart told me to wait and thats what I did.

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