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*Kali's POV*

"Soo! how did it go!" "Omg it was actually funny because he gasped " "I told you! I TOLD YOU!" "Hahaha Kali." "Wait, I thought we were going to Wal-mart." "Yeah me too. Lets go!" "Jasmine, go change." "Oohh yeah, I almost forgot. Wait for me." "Okay but hurry because I'm bored and I want to wonder around Wal-mart." "Okay okay."

*Taylor's POV*

I was still getting over the fact that Jasmine looked holla fine when she came downstairs for an apple. I heard the door open and heard them laughing. I heard Kali's voice. "Taylor, you wanted to go to Wal-mart so lets go!" "Okay yeah lets go." We got in Jasmine's car and Kali let me have the front seat. I opened up a notepad and wrote something to Jasmine. It read: 'Hey beautiful I would hate to not have your number' She grabbed my phone and put her number in. She looked happy and I'm glad. I decided to text her saying 'What happened to your outfit from earlier, I really liked it' I didn't want to send it until we were at Wal-mart because I wanted to be alone with her. We got to Wal-mart and I decided to make her blush again. I grabbed her hand and looked at her. She was blushing. "Two points for Taylor!" "Your not honestly keeping track of how many times you make me blush are you?" "Oohh you bet I am!" "Omg not one guy did that before." "Good" I said smiling. I was definitely going to win her over. I sent the text that I was waiting to send because Kali went to the bathroom. She grabbed her phone and looked confused. "Do you knows whos number that is?" "Oohh I wonder, I mean I never ask for your number or anything." She started laughing and so did I. "By the way its at my house." "Maybe I can see it later?" "Keep wishing Caniff, that was an once in a lifetime opportunity." "Oohh come on please!" "Only if you stay and spend the night with me BUT that does not mean anything sexual. Just a simple sleep over." "Okay deal but can I add something?" "Sure." "You have to wear that outfit to bed." "Fine but thats it." "Okay." Im going to buy some movies and snacks for us tonight. I'm going to make this the best night for her. She won't forget it.

*Kali's POV*

I went to the bathroom to make sure I looked fine. I grabbed my phone and went on twitter. Hayes tweeted something. It read: 'At Walmart to go meet Taylor." OMG HES HERE?! WHERE! I NEED TO FIND HIM! Wait! I need to call Jasmine!

~Phone Conv~

Jasmine- Hello?


Jasmine- What! Where?! That means Caameron and Nash are here too!

Me- I don't know but he tweeted saying he was at Wal-mart meeting up with Taylor!

Jasmine- Omg, well meet me at the shoes and we will search for him!"

Kali- Okay bye!

~End of Conv~  Time to find my bae.

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