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*Hayes's POV*

I was really tired so I went back upstairs into Kali's room. I decided to see what Taylor was up to so I texted him.

~Text Conv~

Me: Hey, whats up man.

Taylor: Not much man, just spending some good time with Jasmine(:

Me: How much do you like her?

Taylor: Dude, so much that I want to spend the rest of my life with her!

Me: Wow dude!

Taylor: Yeah I know, but sorry dude, I want to spend time with Jasmine so I will see you tomorrow! Goodnight bro.

Me: Alright bro goodnight.

~End of Conv~

I remember Cameron saying that he likes Jasmine a lot. I wonder if I should show him the text messages or not. I guess I should so he knows because I know how Taylor can get sometimes when someone trys to take a girl away from him. Kali started coming upstairs and she saw me. "I'm so tired!" "Yeah me too but I 'll be right back." "Okay? Where you going?" "To talk to Cam." "Okay." I knocked on the door and Nash opened it. "Hey bud, whats up?" I leaned over and saw Cameron lying down. "Hey Cameron, I think you need to see this." He sat up fast. "What. What is it?" "Its what Taylor said." "Let me see." I got my phone out and went to the text messages between Taylor and myself. "Look." Cameron took my phone and started reading. He looked so depressed I felt bad. Maybe I shouldn't have showed him but I didn't want Taylor to go raging on him for trying to take Jasmine. "Great! I really like her Hayes!" "I know! I just though I would show you because we both know how Taylor gets." "Yeah and it sucks because Taylor is a great friend and I don't want to ruin our friendship." "Hey man, just try and forget about her because I'm sorry to say, but I'm sure Taylor has her hooked by now." Nash said. "Actually, no! I'm going to fight for her!" "Cameron don't do that!" I yelled. Shit. I forgot Kali was sleeping.

*Kali's POV*

I heard a lot of yelling so I decided to listen quietly. 'I'm sure Taylor has her hooked by now.' That must have been Nash. Then I heard Cameron yell a little. 'Actually no! I'm going to fight for her!' Omg! I need to tell Jasmine. Then I heard Hayes yell. 'Cameron don't do that!' Holy shit Cameron really really likes Jasmine! I decided to just go to Jasmine's house. It wasn't far so I just walked. I quietly went out the front door and headed down the street. I saw her house and the lights were on. I looked through the window and saw that Taylor was shirtless chasing Jasmine around the house. God they look cute together but I needed to tell her what I heard. I walked up to her door and knocked hard.

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