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What was happening? Everything was black. I couldn't see anyone, but I could hear voices. "Will she be okay?" "I'm sure she'll wake up soon." "Does this happen often?" "Only when she sees a boy that she really really, I mean REALLY likes." "Oohh darn it, I was obviously too hot for her to handle." I finally woke up. "Hey, your awake!" "Really Taylor, too hot to handle?" "I speak the truth!" "Are you alright Jasmine?" "Yeah Kali, I'm fine." "Just don't look at Taylor" "Kali, how am I not suppose to look at that?!" "See I was right! I'm just too hot to handle!" "Yes you are(:" "Wait wait wait, Taylor, what are you doing in Wisconsin Rapids?" "Oohh, well Magcon is going to be in the dells so I decided to stop by and see what Wisconsin Rapids is like and I wanted to walk around the lake and then I saw you guys and I heard my song so I couldn't help myself but sing it too." "Oohh, are the other guys here?" "No they're still in the dells." "Dang it" I said. "Why?" "I really want to meet Cameron and Nash so bad and Kali wants to meet Hayes so bad, but were going to Magcon so we can meet them there." "Or I can tell them to come to Wisconsin Rapids and we can meet up with them." "Omg Taylor, you would do that?!" "Of course, for a pretty girl like you I would." Omg! He called me pretty! I looked at Kali and started blushing. "Hey, theres no need to blush, I know I'm hot but you don't gotta blush for me." "I know but I always blush." "I bet I can make you blush even more." "And how can you do that Mr. Caniff" "By doing this." Then he picked me up bridal style and kissed my cheek. I was definitely burning red. I could feel it. "I knew I could." "I knew that too, but I wasn't gonna stop you." I looked at Kali and she looked sad. I didn't want Taylor to put me down so I texted her.

To Kali: Hey girl whats up? Why you so down?

From Kali: You guys look so cute together! I just wish I could do that with Hayes.

I showed Taylor the text and he nodded like he knew what to do. "What are you going to do?" "I'm going to make your friend Kali happy and text Hayes to have Nash and Cameron bring him to Wisconsin Rapids right now." "Omg your so sweet, wait! That means Cameron and Nash are gonna stay then?" "Yeah I'm sure they will." "Awww Taylor, thank you so much." "Your welcome and I know how to make her happier." "How?" He pulled out 2 Magcon tickets from his packet. He must be super strong considering he was still holding me bridal style. "Hey Kali! Guess what I got!" She turned around and had a questioned face. "What do you got?" "Oohh you know, just 2 Magcon tickets for Jasmine and you." "Omg thanks Taylor!" Kali ran and grabbed her ticket. She was so happy and excited. I looked at Taylor and we both smiled.

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