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 Addison's POV:

I hold a cup of coffee in my hand and jitter my leg up and down. I continuously check the time on my phone and decide to give Luke the benefit of the doubt.

Maybe they had a long night and he's sleeping in?

Luke never sleeps past ten. Hell, I don't think I've ever seen him sleep past nine. After I got no word from him yesterday, I figured he was busy with rehearsals and the show. Then, I convinced myself they went out after and Luke was too busy to look at his phone all night.

I haven't texted the guys purely because I don't want to be that girlfriend that harasses her boyfriend when he doesn't text her back. However, I can't help but feel nervous.

Why I feel nervous? I don't know. I'm sure if anything went wrong, I'd be the first to know.

Throwing my head back, I eye the crossword in front of me and then two pens that we keep in a cup for our morning crosswords. He always writes in blue and I always write in pink.

I contemplate going to the coffee shop just so I can get out of the house and focus on anything but the crossword that's taunting me. But then I feel like I'll get sad knowing Luke's not there.

I never go to the coffee shop without Luke anymore.

The thought is so tempting though. I wouldn't mind a coffee from the shop and to get out in public where there's people. I decided to skip class today purely because I didn't feel like dealing with a substitute. I'm already ahead in the class so there's no purpose in me going.

My thoughts get too much for me so I groan as I get up from our coffee table and go back into my room to put on something so I can go to the coffee shop. I'm going to lose my mind if I stay in here and stare at my phone.

I go into my closet and grab a pair of jean shorts with a cropped white top. I throw my hair in a bun, not bothering to do it today as I just want to get out the door.

God, it really sucks being in this house alone. Especially because I'm only on day two.

I decide to grab my laptop for the pure sake of looking into more lawyers and getting in contact with them at the shop. Throwing it in a bag, I hoist it over my shoulder and sigh at the sight of Luke's near pair of circle glasses sitting on our desk.

He had gotten them because he genuinely really liked the look of them. It makes me smile at the thought of my old nerdy Luke that I fell in love with.

His laundry that I had folded is sitting on top of the desk as well considering I told myself I'd put it away later. Luke likes his laundry a very certain way so I have to set myself time to make sure I do it correctly.

I almost don't like the fact that we do our laundry together considering when it comes out it smells more like me as opposed to him. His laundry always smelt a different way and now his laundry smells like my laundry.

I try not to overthink it and get my mind on absolutely anything else as I walk out of my bedroom and towards the kitchen where the crossword and my phone is. I tuck the crossword in my bag as well and grab a pen.

My phone shows no new messages so I try not to let it disappoint me too much as I make my way out. I hadn't spent any time on social media last night so I wonder if Luke has at least posted anything. I just want to see that they're all alive and well.

I open up snapchat and see plenty of stories posted by Calum, Michael, and Ashton, but none by Luke. I don't think too much into it considering Luke hardly posts on snapchat to begin with.

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