dogs pt. 2.

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    Addison's POV:

    "So where'd you get Southy?"

    Crystal sits by my side, petting him as she holds a glass of wine in her hand.

    "We actually got him from a local shelter," she says as Southy rolls over in order to get a belly rub. "Him and Georgia, I can give you the location if you want."

    "Please," I say taking a sip from my own wine. "I have puppy fever."

    Crystal laughs at me substituting the word baby for puppy. It's true. I've been dying for a dog for ages now and I haven't done anything about it yet. Calum doesn't seem too fond of the idea of me getting a dog but I know once he meets one he'll fall in love.

    "I'll text it to you. The one we went, they came with all their shots in everything, they're great," she says pulling up her phone and seeming to attempt to find the address.

    I've never known what kind of dog I want. I feel as if I'll just see a dog and fall in love with it. So I'm definitely keeping an open mind when it comes to choosing this dog. In fact, I don't even know what size dog I want. It could be a big one or small one for all I care.

    "You would be such a good dog mom. There's no one in the world who likes to cuddle more than you," Crystal says raising her eyebrows at me.

    I laugh at this considering she's not wrong. I love to cuddle whoever I can. Bryant is only a cuddler on occasions so I rarely get much from him. However, Crystal is always down for a wine, movie, and cuddle night which is why we're best friends.

    "I need a dog who will cuddle me or I won't take it," I joke.

    I would happily take any dog, even if he/she doesn't cuddle. However, them being a cuddler will be a major plus.

    "I don't doubt it," Crystal says running a hand through her light pink hair.

    Her and Michael had recently dyed it together. In fact, they dyed one anothers hairs and it was the funniest thing I've ever witnessed. You'd think Michael would be the pro at dying hair, but really Crystal did a perfect execution. Michael had missed a lot of spots in her hair someway, somehow and she had to redo it.

    I sat on the toilet and watched the two as they desperately tried to dye each others hair in the bathtub. It was a sight I wouldn't trade for the world.

    Before I can respond, we're interrupted by the door opening grabbing both of our attentions. In walks Calum as he has his shirt slung over his shoulder and chugs a gatorade.

    "He's alive," I joke considering he's been gone all afternoon.

    I know he's spent most of it with Ashton considering they went to the gym and then went back to Ashton's. I feel as if all they do nowadays is spend time together and I'm happy for Calum considering he's seemed to find someone who's so alike to him.

    "Man what a day it's been," he says jumping up on the counter. I raise my eyebrows at him as he throws his head back.

    "Care to share?" Crystal asks seeming just as confused as myself.

    "Well no offense Adds, but I definitely found a new best friend."

    I only laugh at this considering I know he's just joking around. Calum and I have been lifelong friends and always will be. However, I'm happy for him that he's found someone else he can consider a best friend as well. Especially because he's a guy. Calum deserves that more than anything.

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