waste the night.

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 Luke's POV:

I wake up to a feeling unlike any other. In fact, it's enough to make me groan out loud the second my eyes open and for me to shut them just as quickly.

God, I feel sick.

I slowly start to remember where I am so I immediately turn my head to see the bed is empty making me shoot up. I look around Addison's room in an attempt to find her but she's nowhere to be found.

Not wanting to lay in here any longer without her by my side, I jump out of the bed and immediately notice my lack of clothes. I seemed to have stripped off my shirt and pants last night but I can't help but be thankful considering those leather jeans would've been far from comfortable to sleep in.

I contemplate putting my clothes back on but decide against it as I hear humming coming from the kitchen. My eyebrows furrow at the unfamiliar tune but I walk towards it regardless.

Opening the door, I immediately soften as I take in the scene of Addison standing by the stove cooking something as she wears nothing but one of my tshirts. The sight is enough for me to want to capture it as she looks so beautiful.

I watch her carefully attempt to flip whatever it is she's cooking and she even cheers to herself as she clearly successfully does so. I know I should make my presence known but I don't want to as I watch her so carefully.

"Don't wanna waste the night," I hear her sing softly before turning towards the fridge and bending over to get something.

I immediately look away considering I don't want to watch her bend over from afar without her being aware I'm here. My eyes catch sight of the ground but they look back up as she shuts the door.

However, much to my dismay, she catches me as she gasps and jumps the slightest.

"Oh my gosh you scared me," she says placing her hand to her heart and shutting her eyes briefly.

I chuckle as I walk towards the kitchen and say, "I thought you don't cook."

"I googled it because I figured you'd be super hungover and want something to eat," she says biting on the corner of her lip and making me smile ear to ear. "You don't have to eat it but I'm making pancakes with blueberries and-"

"I would love some," I say quickly cutting her off before she can hesitate.

She noticeably relaxes as I make my way towards her and grab onto her wrist. Addison's gaze drops to my hand before I tug her towards me and place my lips on hers. She reacts quickly as she molds her lips against my own and makes it impossible to pull away.

Luckily, she saves me from having to do so as she removes her lips from my own and smiles at me as she keeps her hand in mine.

"I'll never get sick of doing that," she says honestly making me laugh to myself.

"Never," I repeat as I peck her lips once more.

She smiles even wider as I do so and I take the opportunity to let go of her hand and find a seat at her kitchen table. I felt like shit no longer than five minutes but somehow Addison has managed to make me feel so much better in such a short period of time.

"How you feeling?" she asks as if she's reading my mind.

I shrug considering I'm not sure how I'm feeling. I feel probably like any other idiot that drinks as much as I did last night. Even if I feel the way I do, I can't say I regret last night. Last night was a lot of fun and it showed me just how much I've been missing out all these years. I almost want to go out and do it all over again tonight.

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