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"This sucks."

    "I don't know, I don't really mind it," Crystal says laying back on the couch, a glass of wine in her hand as she takes a sip from it. "We get to have a girls night without all the guys being a pain in our ass."

    This is true. This is the first break I feel like I've ever had from Calum and Michael and I can't help but be appreciative of that. However, I don't know how much I appreciate my first break from Luke.

    I keep checking my phone to see if he's texted me but I know I need to relax considering they're performing right now and it's not like he can just text me mid performance.

    Everything inside of me is telling me I made a mistake by not going but I try to calm myself and say it was the right decision. That's their life, it's not mine. I need to focus on school and graduating.

    "Plus, I'm sure this is something we're going to be getting used to," I say as I try to process just how quickly things seem to be taking off for them.

    I'm sure this is only the start of them having different shows in other cities which means more nights just like this where Crystal and I are home and drinking wine together. Sure it's nice and a good break from everything but I can't help but miss them at the same time.

    It's as if their chaos brings me comfort.

    "You know, you could've gone to the show," Crystal says raising her eyebrows at me knowing damn well I miss them more than I probably should.

    I sigh and lean my head back as I close my eyes.

    "I know," I say mostly to myself. "But I don't want to just intrude in it. It's their thing, I can't just follow them around like a lost puppy."

    "You don't need to follow them around," Crystal says adjusting her position so she's facing me. "But you also don't need to miss every show. Go have fun and support your best friends and boyfriend."

    I know she's right. I do plan on going to a good amount of shows considering I do still want to support them. I've just got to plan them accordingly and not drop everything to go.

    "Next shows that's on a weekend, count me in," I say to her in a promising way.

    I don't want to miss any of their shows that are on weekends because I have no reason to. My weekends are for me and I'm not going to make excuses not to go.

    "That's what I like to hear," Crystal says clapping her hands together.

    Just as I open my mouth, I'm immediately interrupted by the sound of my phone ringing. Switching my gaze to my phone, I see Luke's name and picture lighting up the screen making me smile like an idiot.

    Crystal seems to put the pieces together as she smiles and wiggles her eyebrows at me.

    Accepting the call, I say with a cheerful tone to my words, "Hey you."

    Getting up from the couch, I realize Crystal probably doesn't want to hear the two of us gushing over one another so I walk towards my outdoor patio and leave the room.

    "Hi baby, we just got off stage," he says, breathing heavily the slightest bit.

    "How'd it go?" I ask opening the door and keeping my phone close to my ear.

    "Really well actually," Luke says seeming shocked by his own words. "We met with this guy at the beginning of the show who works with a label and wants to get drinks after."

    I raise my eyebrows in surprise as I say, "No way. Does he want to sign you guys?"

    "I'm not sure honestly," Luke says. "He really liked us but I guess we have to see what he thought of our show we just put on."

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