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 I can tell Luke is more distracted than ever.

He stands in front of the room, hands practically shaking as he reads off the textbook in front of him and hardly a person pays attention. He even tied his hair back in a bun today and is wearing his big glasses.

I didn't question it because he looks just as sexy to me with them on as he does without them on. However, I definitely picked up a few conversations around the room as people were confused by his attire.

I'm confused considering the morning went just fine. He was in a great mood and didn't seem to have a thing on his mind. Now he looks like he's about to explode from thought overload.

"Can someone volunteer to read the next paragraph?" Luke asks looking up and at the room to see no one even looking down at the book. Hell, I'm sure everyone was just sitting on their phones.

As his eyes dance around the room, they find my own and he looks at me desperately as if begging me to read. I sigh and am about to raise my hand when someone in the back speaks up.

"I've got you Professor H."

I turn around to see Bryant's hand high in the sky and everyone's eyes on him. Everyone snickers considering they probably think he's messing around but nonetheless, he's got a book sitting right in front of him.

"Thank you, go ahead and pick up where I left off Bryant," Luke says as he sighs and turns away from the desk.

Bryant immediately starts reading, surprising practically everyone as I look to Luke who sits at his desk. His fingers rub his temples as if in an attempt to calm a headache. I keep my eyes on him, silently begging him to look over at me so I can get some answers.

Once I realize there's no use, I just sit back and try to think about what it could be bothering him. Maybe he misses home? Maybe he wants to be back with Jack? Maybe he's frustrated the boys found out about what happened between the two of us in Australia?

It could be anything but the fact that I won't know until the end of class is absolutely killing me.

I contemplate taking my phone out to text him but I know he wouldn't dare to check his phone in the middle of class. Instead, I settle with getting lost in my own thoughts as I look back down at the textbook. Bryant continues to read from the back of the room as I follow along even though Luke and I read this together on the flight.

It still feels weird to me sitting in a classroom being taught by someone I'm dating. Especially after what we did this weekend, it's hard to see him as a teacher. All I want to do is kiss him and be held by him. Instead, I'm being forced to pretend as if he doesn't exist as I'm ten feet away from him.

It takes me back to my first day meeting him back in the coffee shop and just how terrified I was when I found out he was my teacher too. Especially because Bryant had been acting up.

It's crazy to think I just got back from Australia with that teacher and I just met his whole entire family.

I'm interrupted by my thoughts as my watch buzzes on my wrist signaling I have a text. I look to Luke who has his head down before reading it to see a message from him.

From: Luke


I furrow my eyebrows and look to him once more but he doesn't look to me. So with that, I take out my phone and type out a quick response.

To: Luke

You good?

I stare at my phone and wait for his response as it sits in my lap. My leg bobs up and down in anticipation and I try not to think much of it. However, a majority of me thinks a lot about it.

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