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 Luke Hemmings drunk is probably one of the greatest thing I've ever witnessed.

You would never in a million years guess that he is the same criminal justice teacher I met the first day he started his job with slicked back hair tied in a tight ponytail, and a pair of glasses that were way too big for his "face.

Luke Hemmings has finally learned to let loose and damn it's done him good. He's been the life of the party tonight and the guys are loving it just as much. He's even managed to keep up with all the alcohol they're drinking. How he's still standing is beyond me but he clearly has no intentions of ending the night.

Perhaps what I liked most about drunk Luke Hemmings is how touchy he is. He hasn't taken his arm off of me all night and has held me closer than ever the whole entire time.

It's as if he's showing me off to everyone and I can't help but love every second of it. I truly never want this night to end.

"Babe, you need another drink?" Luke asks me using the name he hasn't stopped using tonight.

It's as if all of his confidence is showing tonight and he doesn't feel nervous to show his affection for me in public.

"I'm okay," I say genuinely because I don't want to get too drunk. Everyone else is getting belligerent so I want to make sure Luke makes it out of here alive tonight.

"You sure?" Luke asks sounding genuine and curious at the same time.

"Yeah," I say with a smile as I reach forward to tuck one of his loose curls behind his ear. "I want you guys to enjoy your night."

Luke smiles and I can see the appreciation on his face. He doesn't hesitate to lean forward and kiss me, the taste of whiskey covering his lips. I normally don't like whiskey, but on him it tastes so damn good.

"God, you're so perfect," he says once he pulls away and looks into my eyes, pressing his forehead to my own.

"Gotta keep up with you somehow," I say nudging my shoulder to his.

Luke grabs onto my hand and tugs me away from the bar as he grabs his other drink. I can tell he's really enjoying himself and likes the drinking aspect. He continues to get drinks on his own as opposed to being pressured to get one.

"Where is everyone?" I ask considering I feel like we lost them long ago.

"Calum's with some girl and Ashton and Michael finessed their way into some VIP section."

I raise my eyebrows considering this is the first I'm hearing of this VIP section. I'm not surprised they found their way into a VIP section but I wish we had known about it considering I've been attempting to push my way through this sweaty crowd all night.

"Then what are we doing over here?" I laugh. "Sounds like a place we belong."

"You know... now that you mention it," Luke says as if he hadn't thought about it once.

I tug his hand towards a direction that I'm not even sure of and he goes along with it. The idea of getting out of this sweaty crowd is beyond enticing to me because I'm on the verge of losing it if I stay out here any longer.

Luckily Luke notices the VIP section so he pulls me off towards it. Just as he said, I spot Michael, Ashton, Calum, and a bunch of girls. I raise my eyebrows at their choice of girls but don't address it considering it's their night to have fun and do whoever, or whomever, they want.

"Look who it is!" Calum is the first to drunkenly slur at us.

Luke moves his arm so it's tightly wrapped around my waist and he holds up his drink.

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