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Addison's POV:

"Where are the guys?"

Crystal shrugs her shoulders as we hang by the bar because we were told we weren't allowed to hang before the show with them in order to keep their mojo. I have absolutely no idea what to expect of the song tonight and I'm kind of nervous considering last I heard from them, they were in no way ready.

"Shitting their pants," Crystal says sipping on a drink slowly. "Their motivation is the after party."

I shoot up an eyebrow having not heard of this after party.

"After party?"

Crystal gives me a look, clearly confused by my confusion as she nods her head slowly.

"They didn't tell you? It's at your place," she says making me shake my head completely.

How'd they not tell me they're throwing a party at the house I also live in? Not that I mind, I just feel like it would make sense to tell me. Especially if they told Crystal.

"I've barely had a minute to talk to any of them," I say which is true.

I'm sure the few times I've had time to talk to them it's slipped their mind. However, I don't know how they couldn't have at least texted me or something.

"Yeah, I heard what you walked in on earlier," Crystal says with a subtle smirk.

I give her a look and am about to question how she knows when it makes sense. Of course someone told her. They don't tell me about a party happening at my own home but they tell Crystal about how I had accidentally walked in on Luke earlier.

Placing a hand over my face, I shake my head in my own embarrassment. I should've made it more obvious I was there and Luke probably doesn't want to be anywhere near me.

"Oh gosh, can we please not talk about that?"

"Why not?" Crystal asks with a laugh. "It's no big deal, every guy does it."

"Yeah but Luke's Luke," I say knowing how innocent and shier than the rest he is. "I'm the first and only girl he's ever kissed."

Crystal looks to me with wide eyes as she's clearly shocked by this.

"You're kidding."

I shake my head. I feel special knowing that he's never kissed anyone besides me but it also just shows how inexperienced he is compared to me. I've never done anything with a guy who was less experienced than myself.

"No he's as innocent as innocent gets."

Crystal smiles at this, seeming definitely entertained my the idea. I know I sure as hell am as well considering I love the fact that Luke is practically untouched. He has no one to compare me to and that almost makes me relieved.

I wouldn't say I'm the most experienced considering the only person I've really been with is Bryant. However, I've definitely checked most things off of my list.

"That's hot," Crystal says making me nod in agreement.

I've always been attracted to the fact that he's inexperienced. The thrill of experiencing things together for the first time for him only excites me and I want to be the cause of his pleasure. That's why when I walked in on what I did, I really wanted to take over. I don't want him to feel like he needs to turn to that.

"But he won't initiate anything when we kiss," I say.

I've never been the dominant type and have never really initiated any sexual activity. Bryant usually always was the one who would lead us into whatever we got into. Now I feel like I need to step up and move us beyond just making out on a bed.

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