a white moon.

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Luke's POV:

Pulling up to the house, I made sure I had taken a generous amount of time making sure I let my hair loose and looked different enough from coffee shop Luke Hemmings. I even went as far as messing up my hair and tugging my curls back with my sunglasses.

Mostly because Calum's at ours and the last thing I need is him putting any pieces together. I don't know why the idea of Calum finding out that I'm the teacher in the coffee shop every morning terrifies me. Especially now that he's on the hunt to set me up with Addison.

Truth is, if she weren't my student, I'd want nothing more than to be setup on a date with Addison. I mean what guy wouldn't? She's beautiful, smart, kind, has an amazing personality, and genuinely a good person. If I weren't a teacher I would beg for them to set me up on a date with someone like Addison Sinclair.

But the reality is, she's always going to be my student. I'm sure the university has rules against any relationships between students and teachers. I can't lose this job considering I've worked harder than anything to get here. The last thing I'm going to do is let a gorgeous girl get in the way of that. Even if she's been the only girl to manage to catch my eye in my 24 years of life.

Groaning at my own thoughts I've mostly managed to push aside, I run a hand through my hair. Stop thinking of a girl Luke. You have more important things to focus on.

I step out of my car and make my way to my front door. I need someone else to distract me so I can get these painful thoughts out of my head. Thoughts I'd never in a million years thought I'd have.

Opening the door, I'm immediately met with the sound of Ashton drumming. I recognize the tune to be that of his new song. I know he hasn't made much progress with it but I'm very impressed with the direction it's headed.

He had texted me practically begging me to come home considering Calum and his friend Michael were coming over. They were finishing up the new song in order to perform it at the bar on friday but apparently they were all stuck and had no idea what to write.

So I dropped all I was doing in order to make it back. I was practically done my run so it wasn't the biggest set back ever. I try to run along the beach as frequently as I can considering I prefer the fresh air as opposed to running on a treadmill endlessly.

Sometimes I'll even take a dip in the ocean but of course my plans were cut off short today. Would I have liked to stay and spend a little more time talking with Addison Sinclair? Possibly.

And that terrifies me.

"Ah, I don't know what to add!" Ashton groans loudly as he cuts off the music.

"It sounds good dude," the familiar voice of Calum's says.

"Yeah but I can't get through this verse," Ashton says in pure frustration.

I know he's been working on the second verse for a while now and for some reason nothing will come to him. I know he invited them over today mostly so they would help him but clearly not even that has helped.

"I'm tired of the feud, your short fuse, my half-truths are not amused. I wish we had a clue to start new," Calum sings the words and it genuinely sounds really good.

At least they got something.

"I'm home," I call out, walking towards Ashton's self proclaimed "band room." It's pretty much our spare bedroom that Ashton keeps his second drum kit in.

You heard that right. The man has two drum kits.

"Oh thank God," I hear him say mostly to himself as I open the door to the room. "I need your lyrical genius to help."

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