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    Addison's POV

    I wake up with probably the worst headache I've ever had in my life. This is enough to make me groan and throw my head back deeper into the pillow I lay against and squeeze my eyes shut.

    Why is the world spinning?

    Rubbing my face, I try to make sense of where I am and what happened last night. I open my eyes and look around to see I'm exactly where I thought I was, Luke's room.

    And of course I made the biggest fool of myself.

    "What did I do to deserve this?" I ask looking up at absolutely nothing.

    I need to get out of his bed and make a run for it. Especially after telling him how hot and handsome I think he is. I even went on to say that we'd make a good couple? How the hell could I have been so dumb?

    Pulling the blankets away from me, I know I need to get out of here. Preferably without him seeing me. Of course Luke seems to have other plans as I notice the door to his bedroom open making my head snap over.

    "Good, you're up," he says.

    I notice his casual attire, a pair of plaid pajama bottoms and a white undershirt. His glasses have made a return, and fortunately for myself, all his hair is tucked back in a tight bun. The sight is enough to make me suck in my breath especially because I don't think I'll ever be able to look at him the same after last night.

    "Yeah..." I say running a hand through my hair and looking down in order to keep from staring too long.

    "I made breakfast," he says making me look up once again to see he's holding a tray of food making me almost cry of happiness. "I hope you're hungry."

    My eyes widen at the tray that looks perfectly made and has a newspaper sitting beside it making me crack a smile. God, what I wouldn't give to wake up to this every morning.

    "I am," I say honestly. "Thank you."

    "Not a problem, there's some advil there too, I figured you'd want some," he says pausing to stand in front of me as he hands me off the tray. I take it in my own hands and set it beside me on the bed.

    "Did you eat?" I ask.

    "Yeah, but I thought we could do the crossword together today," he says rubbing the back of his neck making my heart stammer.

    "I'd love that," I say patting the space beside me on the bed.

    Luke looks hesitant as he eyes it over and pushes his lips to the side. Was that too forward? Am I being stupid once again?

    Luckily he gives in as he climbs onto the bed and takes up the space beside me. I bite back a smile as I rest my back against the headboard and grip onto the newspaper and pen.

    "Eat first," Luke says simply. "It'll get cold and gross."

    "No way, we have to get this done," I say already filling out one of the answers. "The time has already started."

    Luke sighs realizing that I'm not going to be talked out of it. I fill in another answers and I notice him move closer to me before moving his head so it's directly next to my own.

    He points to one row and says, "Mopped."

    I eye over the clue and see he's right. Not that I'd ever doubt Luke Hemmings when it comes to this, but I'd rather just check to make sure he's pointing to the right row.

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