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 I'm awakened by the soft rub of my shoulder as Luke places a kiss to my temple.

"Adds, we're here."

I open my eyes slowly, noticing as the plane comes in contact with the ground and I wonder how I managed to sleep through most of the flight. Luke and I had bought a crossword puzzle book but it didn't seem challenging enough for us so we stopped within twenty minutes.

He seemed to sense I was tired so he tugged my body towards him and it wasn't long before I drifted off to sleep. In result, I was able to sleep through most of the plane ride which I can't help but be thankful for.

I turn to look out the window to view Australia and see the sun seems to just be setting. The time difference is evident and I can't help but be let down that we're nearing the end of the day.

I can't hide my excitement as I turn to Luke with a wide smile on my face and he's quick to mirror it. Even if it's just a small smile, I can read so many emotions from him that tell me just how ready he is to be back home.

He hasn't been home in forever, this must feel weird to him.

Our seats are fairly close to the front so it isn't long before Luke is grabbing our luggage from above and stepping aside in order to allow me to step out. He of course refuses to let me drag my own luggage through the walkway so I walk out with nothing but my purse.

As we pass the pilot, Luke grabs onto my hand and gives it a soft squeeze in excitement.

"My mom and dad are picking us up," Luke says as he leads the way and my heart begins to race.

"Do they know I'm coming?" I ask as I look to him, not wanting to show up uninvited.

"Yeah, I told them," he says making me sigh of relief.

I was terrified I would show up and annoy his parents. But the fact that they know I'm coming relieves me in a way I can't describe.

Now my excitement only pulsates through me at the thought that I'm actually meeting his family. I'm in his hometown and I'm about to meet the Hemmings family. This is so crazy to me.

"I can't believe this is real," I say as we make our way through the airport and I try to decipher how it's different from America. The people look the same and the airport looks the same but the air feels so different.

It feels so welcoming.

"Honestly, me either," he says mostly to himself.

I know just how nervous he is to see how this weekend goes down but it's also clear he's ready to see his family. More importantly, Jack. I can't imagine what this reunion will be like for him.

"You've got this," I say giving his hand a comforting squeeze as he guides me down the steps of the airport.

Luke seems to know this place inside and out as his long legs guide us through without any hesitation. He walks with confidence and seems to tower over half the people here.

Ah, so it isn't an Australian thing to be abnormally tall.

I only grow more anxious with each second that passes considering I'm sure his parents are here waiting on us. Luke takes us towards an escalator that directs everyone towards baggage claim and I try to stay calm.

I try to imagine how I'd picture his parents to look like. I'm sure they have the same blonde hair and he had told me they both have blue eyes. However, I also wonder which one of his parents he looks more like.

"They're waiting for us right by the entrance," Luke says seeming to already begin scanning for them. I tuck myself to his side because I'll be no help due to the fact I've never seen any pictures of them before.

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