locked doors.

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 "Are you guys done yet?"

I laugh to myself as Luke and I had decided to do the crossword together. Everyone else was devouring the food he made and demanding our attention. They even called Ashton to tell him Luke made food so Ashton came over in literal seconds.

Luke made sure to make me a plate first but it wasn't long before Calum snatched it.

I just shrugged it off considering at this point, I'm over all of the food. It wasn't for the food in the first place, the alarm would've never went off and interrupted us.

Which also means we'd still be alone and not being hounded by questions regarding when we'll be done.

"Roux," Luke says pointing to a line as I quickly fill it in.

We started not too long ago and I immediately noticed just how close Luke decided to sit next to me. I don't think he even realizes it considering our thighs are inches from touching and I feel my heart beating erratically.

"Dredge," I say mostly to myself as I finish the second to last one.

Luke scoots his arm that his chin rests on as if to get a better look at the crossword and we both eye the clue that seems to leave us both a little stuck.

"Come on, come play with us," Calum whines making me shake my head as Luke smiles.

"I have no idea," Luke says to me seeming to accept defeat.

I'm getting frustrated that I have no idea when it finally hits me. However, it seems to hit Luke at the same exact time as we both say the answer.


I scribble it in and can't help but want the satisfaction of knowing it so of course I make a comment about it.

"I knew it first."

Luke laughs as he sits back in his seat, "You did not, we said it at the same time."

"I said it faster."

"Did not," Luke says giving me an incredulous look.

"Did too."

"Did not."

"Did too."

"Did no-"

"Jesus christ, can you two stop arguing over a dumb crossword puzzle and come entertain us," Calum says throwing his head back.

Luke and I both turn around at the same time to see the three of them all playing some video game as Crystal sits on a free chair eyeing her phone. I know Michael and Calum live and breathe for video games so I'm not surprised Ashton is a sucker for them as well.

"Come join Luke, we need an extra player," Michael says nodding his head towards the extra game controller they have.

"He doesn't do video games," Ashton says with a dramatic roll to his eyes. "I've attempted to teach him several times."

I look to Luke in surprise as he just shrugs his shoulders. I guess I really shouldn't be that surprised. Of course Luke doesn't play video games, he's honestly the last person I'd ever picture sitting in front of a TV and playing a dumb game for hours.

"Fucking hell, those two really are made for each other," Calum says as if it's a bad thing.

I laugh at this as I get up from my seat and contemplate if we should stay here or go somewhere else. Considering they are all sitting here and playing some game, I'd rather do absolutely anything else than sit and watch.

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