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Luke's POV:

I wish I could describe the way I feel right now but I truly can't. I don't think I've ever felt something like this in my 24 years of living. I've never known happiness like this and it's all because of one girl.

The girl sits in her room as I attempt to collect myself in the bathroom and process what the hell just happened. Not only is she mine but I just experienced the best feeling I've ever had in my whole life. So good, I almost want to do it again.

However, I know we have minutes before one of our friends come barging in here looking for us. We've definitely been gone too long for their liking. I'm surprised they let us off the hook for this long. I blame it on the amount of alcohol that's out there.

In fact, I barely have time before there's a banging on the door making me look to the mirror to make sure I look somewhat composed. I had just barely tamed my hair but the hickies on my neck are evident. I'd say the same definitely goes for Addison.

I guess we signed ourselves up for that one.

"Addie!" I hear an unfamiliar voice call making me furrow my eyebrows.

That's not one of our guys.

I open the door to the bathroom as Addison walks towards her door, just as confused as myself. She looks skeptical as she walks past me and I lean against the wall and wait for her to answer the door.

She grips onto the door handle and pulls it open slowly and seems to freeze at the sight. Considering I can't see who it is, I take a step closer and that's when I practically freeze as well.

"Holy fuck," Bryant says with wide eyes as he takes a step back. "I was not expecting to walk in on that."

Oh fucking hell.

I attempt to go hide back into the bathroom when Bryant just smirks and waves at me.

"What's up Professor?"

Sighing, I drag a hand down my face and Addison opens the door fully in order to allow him to come in. She looks to me with an expression that doesn't read panic.

Is she not freaking out?

"Nice neck," Bryant comments to me with a snort as he takes a seat at her desk. "I'm guessing I don't want to sit on the bed."

I look to Addison confused. Does he know something? How is he acting so casually to this? Why isn't she freaking out?

I'm about to question it when Addison beats me to it, "He knows."

How does he know? Since when did he find out? Has he known all along? Does anyone else know?

"Is there something you want Bryant?" Addison asks him with clenched teeth.

"Sorry was I interrupting something?" Bryant asks with raised eyebrows.

Addison looks to me helplessly seeming to not know what to do with the guy in front of us who sure as hell is making himself comfy. Damn, and I thought our friends were annoying.

"Kind of," she says making me bite back a smile. "What are you doing here anyway?"

I can't help but wonder the same. How'd he find out about this party? But then again, it seems as if everyone found out about this party. How Bryant found his way here though is beyond me.

"Calum butt dialed me and I heard something about a keg stand so I checked his snap location and saw he was here and ran," Bryant says kicking his feet up on her desk probably making himself comfortable in this room he used to know so well.

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