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 "You're seriously not going to the coffee shop with me?"

"Yes Calum, I'm seriously not going to the coffee shop with you," I say for the hundredth time.

"You're being dramatic!" Calum says throwing his arms up in disbelief as I sit and do my crossword that he's now interrupting making it impossible for me to finish adequately.

I slept through my alarm and had absolutely no plans on going to the coffee shop today. However, now that I slept through my alarm, it makes it easier for me to get out of it. Of course, Calum isn't taking no for an answer as he's been bugging me about it for the past twenty minutes.

"I have class in thirty anyway, I don't have time," I say considering I'm not even ready yet. Even if I wanted to I wouldn't be able to make it to the coffee shop.

"Come on, I said I was sorry!" Calum says making me want to smack myself in the head. How is he not catching on?

"I understand," I say slowly, hoping he will too. "But I already told you, I slept through my alarm. There's no way I can make it."

"Please," he says dragging out every single letter.

"No Calum," I say as I finish the crossword finally.

I check the time on my watch to see I'm a little over three minutes. This makes me groan as I pick up the newspaper and head to my room.

"Ah yay, are you getting changed now?" he asks, a hopeful glint in his tone.

"Yes, for class."

Calum follows after me like a lost puppy but I just shut the door on him. Of course this doesn't stop him as he opens the door and sits on my bed as I walk into my closet.

"You definitely purposefully slept through your alarm," Calum says to me.

"No, but I don't know why I didn't think of that," I say honestly as I pick out a pair of high waisted striped shorts and a cropped tank top.

I change into the outfit as Calum sits on my bed and lays back dramatically.

"Addie, this has been our tradition for forever now," Calum says.

"I know and if I didn't sleep through my alarm, I'd go with you," I say fixing my blonde hair so it rests over my shoulders. I decide not to do much with it considering it looked fine as it is.

"Are you sure this isn't about Luke?"

I almost roll my eyes at the mention of my professor who I have to go see in thirty. Sure I'd probably be very reluctant to go if I didn't sleep through my alarm. In fact, who knows if I would've. However, I'm still going to his class today so it's not like I'm being that dramatic.

Sure I skipped it yesterday and probably acted childish in doing so, but at least I'm going today.

"No," I say to him as I grab a pair of sunglasses off my desk. "I'm going to his class right now, aren't I?"

"So if you can go to class, how come you can't go to the coffee shop?"

"Calum, you're being ridiculous," I say as I grab my backpack considering he's not even making sense anymore.

He just wants to ask questions and he's not going to stop until I'm out the door. In fact, he may not even stop then.

"Just come and get a coffee then leave," Calum suggests.

I could technically do that considering I do have time. However, I decide against it as I shake my head and decide to just go to class considering I missed it yesterday.

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