lollipops and short skirts.

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    Luke's POV

    The weekend went by just like any other weekend.

    Once Calum and Addison left mine on Saturday, I hadn't really heard from either one of them. Neither of them were at the coffee shop yesterday so I figured they slept in or decided against it for that morning.

    I couldn't help but be sad when I walked in and didn't see her there. Also, when I walked out and didn't see her there either. I almost couldn't complete my crossword considering I was so busy worrying about when she'd show up.

Not only did she skip out on coffee, but she also has yet to show up to class. I want to text her and ask her why she's not here but I decided that'd be pushing it. So as my students sit and do an in-class assignment, my gaze continuously switches from my phone to the door. A part of me is almost concerned for her. I can't help but wonder if she's alright. It's unlike her to skip out on her morning routine for no reason. It's especially unlike her to skip out on class.

    I thought I'd get a text from her or something on Sunday but nothing came. Especially after the conversation we had had on Saturday, I felt as if we hit it off. Maybe I scared her off by what I had said. However, I can't help but doubt that considering what she said to me in the car on Friday night. She has to feel something.


    Groaning, I wonder why I let Ashton put these thoughts in my head and make my curiosity run wild. Also, making it impossible to even just think about Addison. Now when I think of the blonde hair, blue eyed beauty, I think things I know I should never think.

    I skipped out on coffee this morning just because I barely got any sleep last night because of two things. One of the things being, Addison Sinclair being on my mind all damn night. Two, my curiosity striking once again leading me to watching videos I know I shouldn't be watching. Especially because all they do is grow a fire inside of me I refuse to act on. Anytime I feel myself about to start building up, I turn it off. I don't want to resort to being that creep who sits in front of a computer while jacking himself off. However, I feel as if sitting there watching the videos is just as damn creepy.

    Leaning over my desk, I place my hands over my face and try to relax. Never in my whole life have I thought these things that now seem to run wild in my mind. Never in my life has a single girl made me want to kiss them until Addison Sinclair.


    Looking up from my desk in alarm, I look up to see one of Bryant's friends looking at me expectantly. I notice Bryant to actually be in class today for the first time in a while. He's sat there silently the whole class and seemed to have just been focused on the class work. I wonder if he came because Addison isn't here.

    "Yes Jake?" I ask referring to his friend who gives me a headache.

    "None of this makes sense," he says holding up the worksheet.

    Rubbing my temple, I attempt to keep calm. Especially because I couldn't have made this assignment any easier. All the answers are able to be googled and I see them sitting there on their phone.

    "Did you do the reading last night?" I ask him.

    "No," he says simply.

    "Then that's why," I say as if it were obvious. "Borrow someone's book."

    He practically groans before rolling his eyes and turning to someone who's not one of his friends for a book. Bryant keeps his head down as he does the work and luckily doesn't open his mouth to complain at all. At least he's smart enough to google the answers.

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