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    Addison's POV:

The next few days went fine.

    In fact, you would've never guessed Luke and I had such a blow up like we did. It seems as if we're both appreciating the time we have together until Luke has to go back on the road for the shows.

    He's brought me breakfast in bed practically every morning and we've done the crossword together each time. I've seemed to have almost forgotten about everything that went down just a few days ago.

    I know Luke's been trying to make it up to me and that much has been clear. I was hesitant at first to give into it but eventually, I didn't want to continue shooting down his efforts.

    He had decided to run out to grab dinner for the two of us in order for him to make. I stayed back in order to shower and clean up after our run we had gone on together today.

    I told him I'd be ready by the time he got back considering I know he's putting a lot of effort into dinner tonight. So as I stand in the shower, I put extra effort into washing my hair, extra effort into washing my body, extra effort into shaving my body, extra effort into making tonight perfect for the two of us.

    I lean my head back as the water washes over my body and sigh as I feel completely relaxed for the first time in a while. It seems as if a lot has been taken a toll on me but right now everything seems to be okay. Even if Luke leaves for most of the week in a few days, we do have now and that's all I can ask for.

    A part of me tells me to hurry considering I have no doubt Luke will be home soon but the other part doesn't want to leave this relaxing shower. Even if I have nothing left to do, the water is too warm to leave and it feels too damn good.

    I keep my eyes shut and hardly hear the sound of the door opening to my bathroom. Considering there's only one person who would blatantly walk into my bathroom without knocking, I don't say anything as I stay under the water, the warm stream cascading down my body.

    There's a few movements heard in the bathroom and I almost open my eyes to see what it is. However, it isn't long before the shower door is being pulled open and I have a feeling I don't need to get out of here anytime soon.

    A pair of arms wrap behind me from behind as a naked body is pressed to my own. Lips press against my shoulder making my head rest back against their chest.

    "Hi," Luke's voice rings in my ears softly as a smile spreads across my lips.

    "Hi," I say placing my hands on top of his as his arms spread out so his hands rest on my waist.

    "I thought you'd be ready by the time I got home," he says teasingly as he places soft kisses along my neck and runs his hands up and down my sides.

    I smirk as I lean my neck over and say, "I thought you were starting dinner as soon as you got home."

    "Yeah but then I heard the shower still on and got distracted," he says against my neck making me bite my lip.

    Surprisingly enough, Luke and I haven't showered together yet. He's a morning showerer, and I'm a night showerer. It's never matched up for the two of us.

    I guess tonight he's making an exception.

    "Hmm, is that so?" I hum as my eyes remain shut.

    "Mhm," he says his hands raising up my stomach making me shoot up an eyebrow. Is he taking this where I think he's taking this? "Figured I could use a shower too."

    "Oh yeah?" I ask his hands cupping my boobs as he gives them a light squeeze then runs his hands back down my waist.

    "Yeah," Luke says making my heart race.

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