the band.

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I don't know how long I sat at the university for.

    All I know is I just sat there grading papers, continuously adjusting my pants until my hard on was down enough for me to leave the room. I'm absolutely humiliated by what happened and wish more than anything that it didn't.

    I'm thankful Addison didn't see or I probably would've never heard from her again. Hell, who gets hard over a girl in a tiny skirt, sucking a lollipop?

    Horny bastards do.

    I need to stop watching those damn videos before it gets worse and my dick decides to rise just at the sight of her. What if I was mid lecture and this all happened? What would I have done?

    I open the door to my house, and take my hair out of its ponytail purely to run a hand through it in frustration. Today has been a stressful nightmare and I need to lay in bed.

    Just as I walk to my room, I hear Ashton call for me, "Hemmo!"

    Turning towards the sound of his voice, I walk towards his room and ask, "What's up?"

    However, the second I get to his room, I'm instantly creeped out when I see a wide smile sitting on his lips. I take a step back from his doorway and try to process the creepy smile.

    "What?" I ask him with furrowed eyebrows.

    "You sneaky bastard."

    "What are you talking about?" I ask leaning against his doorframe and giving him a confused look.

    He turns around and picks up my laptop which only confuses me further as he places it on his lap.

    "I grabbed it because I heard you singing something last night that I really liked and wanted to check out the song in your notes," he says making my heart rate pick up as I have the slightest idea of where this is going. "And someone forgot to close out a certain tab."

    Fucking hell.

    "Give me my laptop," I say holding out my hand.

    "I'm so proud of you Hemmo! I truly thought you were asexual or something!" he says excitement laced in his words.

    "For Christ's sake Ashton," I say walking over to him. "Hand it over. You shouldn't be going through my shit anyway."

    "Dude! This is such a big day for you. You should be excited your manhood is finally showing!" Ashton says putting his hand up for a high five.

    I ignore it completely as I say, "And it will never show again if you go through my shit again."

    Ashton rolls his eyes as he waves me off and says, "There's no need to be embarrassed Hemmo, I'm pumped for you. This is a big day."

    He finally hands me my laptop as I roll my eyes and wave him off, "Whatever, just don't go through my shit again."

    Ashton slumps his shoulders finally realizing I'm actually upset about it. I don't need him knowing that I went through that considering now I'm never going to hear the end of it. He'll continuously keep asking me if I'm watching it again or will ask me my latest updates on the videos and it will drive me insane.

    "How was your first orgasm?" Ashton asks me blatantly making me practically choke on my own spit.

    Walking towards the door, I say, "Hasn't happened."

    "What!?" Ashton screams making me stop in my footsteps knowing this conversation is far from over.

    "I'm not letting myself get there alone," I say making him look to me in pure confusion. "I'm trying to keep hold of my dignity for a little bit longer."

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