thank you.

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hi all and welcome to the end of my story.

i wanted to not only use this as a chance to remind us of our sweet irl luke, but also as a sense of closure for me for teacher's pet. 

i never imagined this book becoming as big as it did and it's so amazing to me that you guys supported me so fiercely through this all. i truly have never worked harder for a book and have never fallen in love with my story/characters more.

you guys made this so much more than a book to me and i'm so thankful for all your love and support along the way.

obviously, i couldn't end it here so i also wanted to use this as a chance to announce my sequel to this story, rockstar's pet.

rockstar's pet will focus on addison's new career and her journey away from luke. however, of course i live for drama so she'll find herself on a new journey with luke, one that she would've never expected while accepting this career *hint hint*

i have posted the story with a short introduction and hope you all find your way to my profile in order to check out the next one. i hope to see everyone there and continue this journey further with every single one of you.

thank you again for everything and making me feel so special and important to you all. our journey's not over just yet. in fact, it's far from over.

if you would like more of me, please join me in rockstar's pet.

see you there my beautiful people.

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