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Internet Friends || Michael Clifford ✓ by malumwritings
Internet Friends || Michael Cliffo...by sol☼
~12:03 am~ To: "sex god" Mikey i wish we could meet. ~12:07 am~ From: "sex god" Mikey one day, we will. Sequel: Connected
break the heartbreaker : luke by -lukeniall
break the heartbreaker : lukeby autumn
MISSION: BREAK THE HEARTBREAKER RULES 1) only kisses are allowed. second base and above are PROHIBITED. 2) meeting the parents or any relative is not allowed. it will le...
The Step Father • lrh by gtfoelliee
The Step Father • lrhby gtfoellie
"this is so wrong," he whispered against my lips, "but it feels so right" *daddy kink Luke Hemmings* "The Step Father" 2016 © Ellie Nealy
Safe Haven || mgc by chocolatemilkparty-
Safe Haven || mgcby band trash
"What's that?" The boy quickly brought his hand to the girl's cheek, softly brushing over the purple skin, determined to not hurt her. But she still winced sli...
Staged and Confused | LRH by cashtonscurls11
Staged and Confused | LRHby saige
"Love shouldn't play by the rules. It's all about chemistry." - in which two singers are told to fake on stage chemistry; but there's not so much faking it. Hi...
Big Book of 5SOS imagines by angstykpop
Big Book of 5SOS imaginesby angstykpop
welcome to my 5sos imagine(s) book! ALL of these imagines are from tumblr. ALL authors get full credit! enjoy :)
luke and vada, despite : luke by -lukeniall
luke and vada, despite : lukeby autumn
to care despite. to stay tender-hearted despite. to sit and wait despite. to love despite. to care despite the risk of being drained. to stay tender-hearted despite the...
I Won't Leave You || mgc by chocolatemilkparty-
I Won't Leave You || mgcby band trash
In which a mentally unstable girl writes her idol a message and he actually responds. "Like nothing is worth anything... nothing is important anymore." "Y...
NO SHAME by easy4u2saylrh
NO SHAMEby easy4u2saylrh
Aspen Miller didn't think that her first day at her new job would also almost be her last, but after, literally, running into singer Luke Hemmings, that was exactly what...
butterfly// 5SOS by 5sosxruel
butterfly// 5SOSby 5sosxruel
PREQUEL TO SERENDIPITY A new home meant a new identity was possible. New friends, new clothes, hell even a new name. You had to expect the unexpected, and simply hope w...
muke one shots by FINEHEMMINGS
muke one shotsby ash
full plate don't wait ____ highest ranking: #1 in clemmings x2 ____ fyi: none of these one shots are edited, and they will most likely never be edited because there's...
I Promise (A Michael Clifford Fanfic) by RebeccaClifford
I Promise (A Michael Clifford Fanf...by Rebecca
Rebecca has always had a rough time in life, she's in and out of therapy for years, but so has Michael Clifford, the Australian boy in the grade above her. When Michael...
Addicted 》l.h by Hemmoisapenguin
Addicted 》l.hby i have no clue
"Fuck off" "Why do that, when I can fuck you? --- Two people. One bet. Who will the winner be? All rights reserved © 2014 Hemmoisapenguin(Despina)
The Only Reason || mgc by chocolatemilkparty-
The Only Reason || mgcby band trash
[Sequel to Safe Haven] "I can't do this, I'm freaking out, Nathalie, I am freaking out." Macey was lying on her bed in her room, phone pressed against her ear...
eternity// 5SOS by 5sosxruel
eternity// 5SOSby 5sosxruel
SEQUEL to serendipity Michael always found there was a honeymoon phase after adoption. Kids behaved, everyone played together nicely, and everything seemed to be perfec...
senseless | l.h by boxerluke
senseless | l.hby witch mom
"Oh, baby, senseless is a relative term." ⋆ in which a girl who ironically hates change, meets a boy who ironically endures pain to deal with a...
always an angel, never a god ★ calum hood by nitswlukee
always an angel, never a god ★ cal...by shelbi<3
if you told charlotte hemmings her band would be opening for 5 seconds of summer for their new tour, she would've never believed you, until she got a call from her broth...
control. ( ot4 . ) by heroinisms
control. ( ot4 . )by lavender.
Luke laughs sharply, a silence filling the room before he begins to talk once again, "Are you prepared to have three dominants, Michael? You have the right to back...
red | cashton by FINEHEMMINGS
red | cashtonby ash
"did he not get the memo that this dance is black and white themed?" - based off of the movie "another cinderella story" - please don't take this s...
Guardian *COMPLETED* (Dark luke hemmings story) by poppya0124
Guardian *COMPLETED* (Dark luke he...by Poppy
Everyone has someone watching over them. You can feel them, they are the cold shiver that runs down your back or the shadow that makes you look twice. These people are c...