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 And we really didn't waste a second.

It wasn't long before I had her back pressed against our bedroom door. Her arms are tightly wound around my neck as well as her legs that are hugging my waist.

I don't let my lips leave hers as they move frantically against one another and we kiss each other as if it's been years since we've done so. This seems to be what happens whenever we get our hands on each other.

Our desire to kiss each other is so strong and needy. It'd be impossible to pull us apart.

I decide to push the kiss even further as I walk her away from the door and over to our bed. She doesn't fight it as the tips of her fingers run through the hairs at the nape of my neck.

It's a feeling I'll never get used to regardless if we're kissing like this or just laying down and watching TV.

Her back comes in contact with the bed and I take my spot as I tower over her. My arms outstretch in front of me as I get antsy in anticipation for what's to come.

Addison clearly doesn't want to wait much longer either as she tugs at the bottom of my shirt. I take this moment to pull away from her and strip off the old band tshirt I threw on before our walk. As I toss it in the corner, my eyes spot her own covered torso and take it upon myself to initiate taking it off.

My hands reach for the bottom and immediately tug it up as Addison arches her back. The shirt comes off quickly as I lift it above her shoulders and toss it in the same direction of my shirt.

"Much better," I say in one breath.

Addison wraps her arms around my neck and tugs me back to her as our lips collide once again. I lower my chest so our we're chest to chest considering the farther we get into it, the more I can feel her raging heart beat.

I push my tongue into her mouth and bend one arm in order to lean on it so I can use the other to run it along her waist. I don't even stop myself as my waist drops and collides with hers in the process. It only allows for us to be that much closer in this moment of intimacy.

Her nails dig into my head slightly as I grip onto her tiny waist with my hand. I decide to further her pleasure as I move my lips from hers to her neck.

I can immediately feel the goosebumps that arise on Addison's arms as my lips place kisses all over her neck. She keeps her eyes shut as she stretches her neck for me and keeps her arms loosely around my own neck.

My hand moves up in order to cup her bra as my lips begin to move lower. I can't help but look up to notice her biting her lip as I squeeze her bra and my lips drop.

As they move to her chest, I contemplate pushing us further but still have the slightest bit of hesitation. The last thing I want is to do something wrong or takes things too far too fast.

I try to push out my own hesitation considering it's the only thing holding me back. I know I want to go farther with Addison and I have to stop letting my hesitation have control. I need to show her that I can further this on my own.

My hand that cups her bra moves slowly so it finds it's way to her back. I'm immediately met with the clasp that closes the bra and keeps me from seeing anything further. She doesn't seem to freeze at my actions or grow nervous so I grip onto it and unhook it quicker than I could've ever imagined I'd be able to do.

However, my nerves take over me once again as her arms remain around my neck and I contemplate how I'm supposed to take this off. Never have I ever been so thankful that she can't read my mind.

Tugging on both sides of the unhooked bra, I bring them up towards her arms and she luckily catches on quickly. Her arms drop from my neck and it isn't long before her bra is tossed in our pile of clothes as well.

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