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Our Little Secret (Student/Teacher Romance) by CrazyGamerGirl
Our Little Secret (Student/ Mari Richtofen
Alex DeGellari is the new girl at Schaumburg High School. She is the stepdaughter of the owner of a chain of high profile hotels yet she remains a normal 17 year old sen...
  • secretrelationship
  • love
  • forbidden
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What's Our Relationship? (Horny As Hell)  by hhhhjgjvhb
What's Our Relationship? (Horny harleyy
Her huge boobs and fine ass just swinging as i fuck her, oh god, she is so good. I lick her pussy slowly, as she suck my dick hard in 69 position. Read about the girl i...
  • highschool
  • fanfic
  • hot
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Miss Lovato (TeacherxStudent) by demistalents
Miss Lovato (TeacherxStudent)by demistalents
"My name is Miss Lovato. You can call me Demi."
  • pretty
  • happy
  • demilovato
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Detention (GirlxGirl) (TeacherxStudent) by riddhikajain
Detention (GirlxGirl) ( Riddhika Jain
I was never a bad student. Always the one with Straight A's. Teachers loved me. And I was the only girl who had no enemies in my entire school life. Then why am I in thi...
  • lesbian
  • detention
  • teacherxstudent
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Falling For My Teacher {COMPLETED} *under editing* by Writing_Is_Life14
Falling For My Teacher {COMPLETED} qveen_.t
*Under editing!* ||Highest rank #17 in Romance|| (Book #1/published 07-23-17) "W-what are you doing" He quickly traps me in a corner, bringing his close lips t...
  • fastpaced
  • teacher
  • fiction
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My Valentine  by Just_Like_Magic
My Valentine by Just_Like_Magic
His name was Marshall Valentine. Not only was he married, but he'd been my History teacher since freshman year. He was probably the meanest teacher I had ever encounter...
  • friendship
  • boy
  • student
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short skirts : a.i by decolorings
short skirts : a.iby a r i e s
a story in which mr ashton irwin is sexually attracted to his high school student in her knee socks and short skirts.
  • highschool
  • 5secondsofsummer
  • sir
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Sir, I Think The Badboy Knows About Us... by makeandoffer
Sir, I Think The Badboy Knows makeandoffer
Grace Heath just cant help herself. She knows that having an affair with her hot English Teacher Mr Vincent is wrong, but she just cant seem to be able to stay away from...
  • jail
  • friends
  • humour
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Snape's Emerald Secret by KandRFanfics
Snape's Emerald Secretby KandRFanfics
Emmy is in love with Severus Snape, however, he is her potions professor and pays no interest to her, or so she thinks.... Emmy is a very powerful witch who (due to a tr...
  • cute
  • harrypotter
  • hogsmeade
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Melting For The Bad Boy (COMPLETED)  by Ruby_Rose077
Melting For The Bad Boy ( RubyRose
I was putting my books away when I felt two strong hands on my waist. "What the actual fuck!" He smirked and brought his lips closer to mine. "Feeling u...
  • love
  • goodgirl
  • lies
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Newcastle uncovered by jbvsd67
Newcastle uncoveredby jbvsd67
  • religion
  • tyneside
  • football
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Brighter Days by peekab00k
Brighter Daysby exoweare1~
Lance Smith is a fourth year university student and is having a hard time in finding a job. He is very popular and good at befriending ladies but he has no confidence th...
  • university
  • love
  • leehyunwoo
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Dragged Apart by MaishaZainab
Dragged Apartby Maisha Zainab
Set in an alternate universe with a twisted society that has different values from our own, Zara's entire universe is pulled from beneath her feet with the space of a fe...
  • descriptive
  • environment
  • familysecrets
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Two can play this Game. by Anything_But_Girly
Two can play this Zaynie's Princess
Meet Robyn the perfect player 18 year old Beautiful,Gorgeous hair, Big Bright Blue eyes and popular. Meet Lyle Harris the 24 year old male version of Robyn he's Cocky,Ha...
  • player
  • teacher
  • models
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Take It Easy : Studies by Isha_GenerousBook
Take It Easy : Studiesby Cover Maker
I have launched a series, Take It Easy. I will publish more books on the same. It is better to take things easy. Studies? No way! How can it be easy? A teacher will say...
  • easy
  • wattys2018
  • guide
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My Professor by stacianna1233
My Professorby stacianna1233
This story is about a girl named Staci who is very wealth and is just starting her life at college but, the night before she kisses a hot guy (Damon Blackwell) while ge...
  • love
  • boyfriends
  • loving
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