he's hot.

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Luke's POV

I don't know how I ended up staying up so late. I'd like to blame it on the new book I'm reading that I can't seem to put down, but I also have to take into account the loud noise that's coming from my neighbors house next door.

I'd have asked them to quiet down but it wasn't any use with them. They're this loud every single night. Plus, it's a thursday night. I feel like that's a crime to ask someone to quiet down.

Ashton had gone out for the night and I haven't heard from him since his last text to me. I know Ashton and I know he will say whatever it takes to get me to go out to the bar with him. So the lie regarding a gorgeous girl who loves to read didn't even make me flinch. Unfortunately for him, I saw right through it and stayed at home with my book.

But now I'm laying in my bed and staring at the ceiling, practically begging my body to fall asleep. I have class tomorrow and I hate not being well rested for the upcoming day. No amount of coffee could save me from my tiredness.

I had put my phone in its charger long ago in order to not wake myself up further. However, my mind seems to be all over the place as my body refuses to sleep.

I roll over on my side and stare out the window. I never have problems sleeping at night. In fact, usually the second I'm under the blankets I fall asleep. But of course life likes to play tricks on me more often than not.

The business of the streets out in North Carolina is prominent. Lights light up the street as cars drive back and forth, occasionally honking at one another. I've grown used to this noise considering it's what I hear all day and night. I hardly even notice it anymore.

I think of all the people coming home from the bars who spent their nights completely differently than myself. I can't help but wonder what I would be like out at the bars. Would I remain mostly to myself? Would Ashton introduce me to all of his friends? Would I even have a good time?

I'm interrupted from my thoughts when I hear the sound of our door opening. Ashton no doubt stumbles in as I hear the sound of clutter coming from the kitchen. Furrowing my eyebrows, I decide to check on him as I grab my glasses from my side table and get up.

A pair of pajama pants cover my lower half as I wear a Ralph Lauren under shirt. This is my usual attire whenever it comes to falling asleep. I never fell asleep without a shirt on or without pants. It didn't feel natural to me.

"Shut up Ashton, Luke's asleep," I hear Ashton drunkenly reprimand himself.

I can't help but laugh lightly as I step out into the kitchen to see his head in the fridge as he bends over completely.

"You alright there?" I ask him.

Ashton stands up straight and immediately bumps his head on the upper half of the fridge, making him mutter curse words under his breath at the action.

"Fuck," Ashton says shutting the door and rubbing his head. "Yeah, I'm alright. Fuck I didn't mean to wake you up."

"You're alright, I was awake," I say walking towards our counter to see along it.

Ashton turns away from the fridge to look at me and that's when I notice just how red his eyes are. His face looks drunk and his posture spells it. I have to bite back a laugh as I take in his whole demeanor.

However, the second he lays eyes on me his eyes widen and he stands there shocked.

"Holy fuck, who are you?"

"Your roommate, Luke-"

"Take off your glasses," Ashton says hurrying over to me. I'm about to question him, but he's already taking the glasses off for me in a rush making me concerned.

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