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 "What flavor should I get?"

"Whatever flavor you desire," I chuckle to myself as we eye the different ice cream flavors on the menu.

"Don't they just have, I don't know, vanilla?"

"No because there's no fun in that," I say as if it were obvious.

After we had done our crossword and gone to get our morning coffee, we decided to take Duke for a walk far from campus in order to refrain from getting caught by any students who currently think I have the flu.

To make up for the two of us skipping class, we decided to take a long walk followed by me taking Addison back to my isolated town area where I showed her my absolute favorite ice cream place.

The fun thing about this place is it only has weirdly flavored ice cream. At first, it really freaked me out but then I started trying the flavors and it all made sense.

"What do you get?" she asks me seeming beyond hesitant.

"Pineapple cilantro," I say considering I was just as hesitant at first. Someone had to recommend it to me and now it's my favorite ice cream. It's impossible to believe, but it's amazing.

Addison cringes but eyes the menu regardless. She bites on the corner of her lip in thought as she looks it over again and again. I want to tell her to just get the same as me but figured it'd be better for her to try something else so we can try each others.

"Can I help you two?" a girl behind the counter asks us as she seems to have had enough of the two of us waiting.

I look to Addison and silently ask if she's ready when she tells me to go ahead.

"I'll take the pineapple cilantro ice cream," I say reaching into my pocket in order to grab my wallet.

She nods as she scribbles it down and turns to Addison.

"I'll take the honey lavender," Addison says making me shoot my eyebrows up.

I'm surprised by her order but am excited to see how it is. Considering the reviews of this place, I have no doubt it'll be really good.

"Coming right up," she says turning away from the two of us.

As she turns away, I wrap my arm around Addison's waist and tug her towards me.

"I'm proud of you for getting something."

Addison playfully rolls her eyes as she rests her head against my arm and says, "No promises I'll actually eat it."

"And what happens if you love it?" I ask shooting my eyebrows up.

"Then I'll give you a kiss," she says making me immediately laugh.

I of course don't fight it as I just shrug my shoulders and accept the deal. The girl finishes up our ice creams and walks over to the register in order to give it to us.

"That will be ten dollars."

Handing her over a ten dollar bill, she exchanges the ice cream in return and hands us spoons. We both thank her before walking towards the exit of the ice cream shop.

"Expensive ice cream for something I may not like," Addison says as I pull open the door for the two of us to slip out.

"You're worth every dollar," I say honestly as we head back over to my parked car.

Addison turns her head to smile at me with red cheeks. I've noticed that even small things I say will make her cheeks red. She's the type that gets flustered over any kind of compliment and I love every second of it.

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